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Summers Drilling Grinchy thieves steal Christmas lights from Seniors Cabin
Summers Drilling

Water Well Drilling
Water Well Drilling by Mikaela Kuefler

On November 23, the members of the Pioneer
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Cabin reported a theft to the RCMP, occurring
Summers Drilling specializes in water well the night before.
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
drilling and water well repairs.
drilling and water well repairs. In an act even beneath the Grinch, thieves had
stolen a net of Christmas lights, two strings of 10
to 12 foot long blue lights, two 8 to 10 ft strings
of colour changing icicles, and two extension
cords from the Seniors Pioneer Cabin.
“They went at some stuff in the back and
pulled it apart to steal it but I guess it didn't come
off the tree easily, so they just left it,” said
Pioneer Cabin member Blaine Dickson. He had
4405 50 str
4405 50 streeteet 780-963-1282 noticed that the lights weren't working because
Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB the thieves had pulled them apart on one of the
big trees.
“It's not the value. It's a lot of work to put that
stuff up. We're not a bunch of kids that are out
there. It's older people. Then someone rips it
down and steals it. I can't believe it. They looked Importance of Victim
so nice out there. We got our place looking pretty
decent. The trees were lit and the icicles were
hung under the overhang, around the perimeter.
It was looking pretty good,” said Dickson. Impact Statements
The cabin plans on redecorating and will
purchase some more lights in addition to the Blaine Dickson stands by the bush that the Pioneer cabin had to replace the net of lights on by Deanna Mitchener feeling and what they have been
generous donation they received last week from November 24 due to theft . The cabin didn't have another set of net lights and had to use a string of experiencing since the crime. What
a couple, which contained three large containers lights to decorate the bush. photo Mikaela Kuefler If you have been a victim of crime they have had to cope with, if they
of Christmas lights and decorations. “It's not the are you aware that you can write a are having trouble sleeping, eating
end of the world. We'll fix it up but it's just the victim impact statement for the or may have difficulty
idea of it,” said Dickson. Kinettes begin referral courts? concentrating. How you are feeling
If you are a victim you may not
about yourself and those around you
Immediate weight process for know how to write a statement or such as your family and friends,"
are under stress and unsure of what
said Talpash.
all needs to be in your statement.
"When writing about the physical
restriction on Colleen Talpash, program manager impact the individual may wish to
with the Edson and District Victim
write about how they were hurt or
damaged Christmas Hampers Services, says, "Victim impact any medical problems they have as
a result of the crime," said Talpash.
statements are important for the
courts to consider. These statements
"Everything mentioned in the
County bridge by Mikaela Kuefler “It's four straight days just for the prep work to give the victim of a crime a chance victim impact statement must be
to tell the court how the crime has
truthful, accurate and relevant to the
get the hampers together. It doesn't include the personally affected them. The crime of which the accused has
Every year, the Edson Kinettes plan a variety of pre-planning,” said Smith. statement can include how the been found guilty. After a finding of
fundraisers to help raise money for their Christmas Fundraisers planned to make the money for the crime has affected the individual's guilt and before sentencing the
Hamper. “That's our biggest program. We supply community include the Kinsmen Slo-Pitch mind and body, affected them victim impact statement can be read
food and toy hampers to families in need around Tournament, the Motorcycle Toy Run, the Youngs financially and their sense of in court. It will be at that time that
Edson on a referral basis,” said Kinette Jeanna Outdoor Tournament, Comedy Night, and the security." the judge will consider the victim
Smith. Princess and Super Hero Party. When writing about the emotional impact statement when deciding on
The Kinettes are in the beginning stages of their Most proceeds and donations go towards the impact of the crime the individual the sentence," said Talpash.
referral program for the hampers. Those wanting a hamper but the Kinettes also donate car seats to can touch on how their life changed For more information call Victim
hamper must complete a referral so the Kinettes the Women, Infants and Nutrition (WIN) Program or the lives of those close to them Services and speak with Colleen
have an idea what to prepare. Referral forms can for families that can't afford them. “They go to since the crime. "They should Talpash or Donna Watchel at 780-
be found at the Town of Edson Community WIN, request a car seat and the Kinettes buy it,” remember to include how they are 723-8813.
Services office, the Edson Friendship Centre, said Smith.
Alberta Works, the Edson Early Learning and Another program the Kinettes contribute to is the
Childcare Centre, and the Edson and District Boys Mother Hubbard Cupboard Program for schools
and Girls Club. All of the referrals are family with the breakfast program. They also contribute
specific and stay anonymous. to their annual scholarship for local recipients
When the referrals are completed, a toy hamper attending post secondary.
will be prepared for the appropriate gender and For women who are 19 and older who want to
age. A food hamper will also be completed upon join the Kinettes, meetings are on every second
request. Wednesday of the month at the Kinsmen Club at
Last year, Kinettes gave over 300 food hampers 6:30 p.m. “We get together and plan all the events.
and over 500 toy hampers, which used up their We're always looking for members. Anyone's
reserves. “This year's going to have way more welcome to see what it's all about,” said Smith.
because of the poor economy,” said Kinette Sonia “I joined last year and it's a great, amazing
Debrie. experience,” said Kinette Danielle Cole.
In fact, the Kinettes fear that they'll be short The Kinette Club of Edson is a local, non-profit
supplies for their hampers due to the increase of group that helps give back to the local community
demand. “We'll make it work. No referrals will be on many projects. Starting as the Kinsmen Club,
turned away. Our hampers may not be as full or as founded by Hal Rogers in 1920, the Kinette clubs
glorious as previous years. Last year, we were low were formed in 1935. In 1942, the Kinettes were
on certain items so we put the word out and people given official recognition and were duly certified
came to donate. Our community came together as an auxiliary organization.
incredibly. If we are short this year, we will reach Approximately 7000 members have joined
out to the community,” said Debrie. throughout Canada in the Kinsmen, Kinette and
Range Road 110 (Leaman Road) Bridge, To get items for the hampers, the Kinettes shop Kin Clubs of Canada. To date, there are 500 clubs
located north of Highway 16. The bridge has locally “because local businesses support us, so existing in Canada.
had the weight restriction lowered to 3 tons we try to support them by giving back and
due to the support structure being struck by an purchasing all our food and toys in Edson,” said Correction: Nov. 21 issue - ‘Touching Remembrance
unknown vehicle. Weight reference: 3 tons is Smith. service held in Wildwood’ The story inadvertently
equal to 6613 lbs, example: ¾ ton pickup or Making the hampers takes countless hours, from stated Cpl Christine Dungy was from Australia, she is
smaller. ordering food to organizing busses and volunteers. from New Zealand. Our apologies for the confusion.

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