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Armed man shot by RCMP
TRUCKERS Investigators seeking public's help locating witnesses to the incident
AND HEAVY FIRE KENNEDY Not all dentures are created equally. We specialize in providing comfortable & natural looking dentures.
Racers go
SHOP LOCAL CLINIC CLINIC Come see us and we will show you the difference!
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head to head 780-723-7655 Quality caring service • New dentures, reline and repairs • Partial dentures and implant over-dentures
at Go Kit $8 million 4902-5th Ave, Edson Seniors may be eligible for Dental Assistance for the Seniors Program 'We would never stand someone down if we still need them': Jack Ramme
Derby... Sunday in grant for water GRANT Alberta of the Year 2009 Award Winner the Year 2010 Canadian photo: Adrienne Tait
Small Business
Business of
Media Circulation
FEATURE: treatment in Association Audit Joseph A. Nagy
OilPatch town, county... see page 3 EDSON’S INDEPENDENT, LOCALLY-OWNED NEWSPAPER submitted
the Park... The Weekly Professional Rotary
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WEEK SAVINGS!! MONDAY, November 30, 2015 WWW.WEEKLYANCHOR.COM VOL. 26, NO. 48 Available at The Weekly Anchor Sunday Indoors...
see pages 11 to 13 Monthly billing for town utilities coming 5040 3rd Avenue, Edson
and 20 to 22
SHOP LOCAL Town considering one-time incentive for e-bill sign-up continued on page 3
FOR GREAT GIFT by Adrienne Tait electronic bills (e-bills) as day. This in turn allows will see a bill, or exploring cost saving

IDEAS, SAVINGS, an alternative. the town to implement automatic withdrawal, measures which include photo Ana Manning
monthly billing for all of
promoting e-billing as an
every month instead of
The completion of the
Town of Edson residents
14th Annual Run of Hope may soon be seeing changes meter replacement the properties within the every second month as is alternative to paper for
set for October 4 AND DRAWS! to their utility bills as the program this year has municipality. the current practice. residents.

County see pages 22-23 town moves to monthly enabled the town to read Utility rates are not Along with the change Each paper bill costs the
developing ENERGY & OIL billing as well as providing all of the meters in one increasing but residents in frequency the town is town 77 cents in postage
and approximately 2500
capital TOWN bills are issued each
strategy policy FEATURE: billing cycle. E-billing is
expected to reduce
and plan... ENERGY Town postage, paper, and time
EDUCATION considers costs.
During the November 24
IN ACTION! prequalification Committee of the Whole
meeting Mayor Pasychny
Edson Cycling of contractors... suggested the town

Assoc. focuses see page 10 consider offering an
incentive to residents who
on Wilmore Pembina Valley Daze begin August 7 sign up for electronic
trail expansion FOSTERING billing such as a $5 or $10
reduction for first month
An all candidates forum was after signing up. continued on page 3
scheduled for Thursday, Sports tourism Local couple
October 15 at the Galloway continued on page 3
Station and Museum. Doors an economic generator awarded ‘Foster
opened at 6:30 p.m. with the Parents of the
forum beginning at 7 p.m. CHARITY BALL... Charges
The Weekly Anchor be Year’...
providing some unique elevated
coverage of the forum as it will Six miniature see page 15
take place after our Thursday to Second
press time. We will be posting
coverage on our website and bareback COMMENT
Facebook including video clips Degree
and editorial the night of the Parkland teams show their Tip
forum and more posts on riders head to skill at volleyball tournament Keeping Murder
Friday 16th. The polls open of schools
Monday, October 19 at the Edson RCMP have
Edson and District Recreation World Finals... see page 9 the Hat safe from charged 37 year-old
Complex. violence... Christopher Ronald
Edward Harrison of
see page 6 Edson with second
degree murder in the
death of Preston
REAL ESTATE Wi l l i a m G o u l e t
Like Edson and One student stemming from an
incident between the
our Facebook Page: Area’s two men on the
weeklyanchor Best packs 11 e v e n i n g o f
Source W e d n e s d a y , Photo Adrienne Tait
for Real Estate shoeboxes! November 11, 2015 at Pioneer Cabin
the Moose Creek
-Look inside to see Hotel in Edson. continued page 3
the best in real estate Originally, Harrison Valentine’s Tea
AUCTIONS and agents in our area. had been arrested and
charged with...
FACEBOOK Vanier student Jace Coley (right) packed 11 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. On the left are students continued on page 3
Daniel Taylor and Zoey LaPierre. (See story page 3)
Like Like us on
our Facebook Page: Facebook LEGENDS TAKE OUT MENU
-weeklyanchor- CAFE & PIZZA Pack $ 24.99
2 Large Pizzas
for news and updates 723-4811 723-4813 with 3 Toppings (1995) LTD.
Eat In or Take Out
2 Medium Pizzas
Hours Mon. to Thur.: 5 a.m. to 1 a.m. with 3 Toppings $ 20.99
Fri. & Sat.: 5 a.m. to 2 a.m. DELIVERY 7007 - 4th Ave., Edson, Alberta
Sunday: 5 a.m. to Midnight on orders over $10.00
The Weekly Anchor
Bring toys for
Bring food for the
(weeklyanchor) Bring food for the Bring toys for BANNISTER GM Photo Ana Manning Photo Adrienne Tait
Edson F
Edson Food Bankood Bank Kinette T
Kinette Toy Driveoy Drive
Christmas Charity Event December 4th 3 PM-6 PM Photo: Deanna Mitchener
December 4th 3 PM-6 PM
Christmas Charity Event -
1-888-227-0566 BANNISTERGM.COM.COM 780-723-3351 continue on page 3
continued page 3
(Edson Ltd.) continued page 3
fOR ALL YOUR glass and window needs call 723-4042

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