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Turn-key thriving coffee shop business on
busy Yellowhead Highway with drive-thru
lane. Fully equipped and staffed. Long-
term lease available. Adjacent to Alpine
Health Club, Edson’s largest gym.
Surrounded by 4 hotels and the provincial
By Yvonne government building. Dependable
catering revenue as well.
MLS 37222 $245,000 MLS 35638 $429,000 OFFICE LEASE $1155
INDUSTRIAL 660 sq. ft.

By Maureen By Marie

Town considers prequalification of contractors

by Adrienne Tait would establish criteria wastewater systems. by the developer and/or services within the hire any qualified
and a process for Any costs for the property owner. town of Edson will be contractor they want.”
Town council is prequalifying private p r e q u a l i f i c a t i o n The prequalification required to submit an C o u n c i l l o r J i m
c o n s i d e r i n g a contractors prior to process or for a process is designed to application to the town. Gomuwka seconded
recommendation to allowing them to work developer to tie into the h e l p p r o t e c t t h e Developers will be the sentiment and said
adopt a policy that on municipal water or service would be borne integrity of town utility provided with a list of the prequalification 25
Years of Service
services, create a approved contractors. process is something Years of Service
transparent process for CAO Mike Derricott that “has been going on Sue-Ann PHONE:
contractors to receive s a i d t h e p r o c e s s in industry for years.” Common 780.723.5787
authorization, and addresses general The proposed request THE WEEKLY SALES REP.
allow developers and competencies, work for prequalification ANCHOR Fax: 780.723.5725
property owners access experience, supervision comes from the new WWW.WEEKLYANCHOR.COM 5040 3 AVE,
BOX 6870
t o p r e q u a l i f i e d requirements, and director of operations AWNA MEMBER NEWSPAPER EDSON, AB
T7E 1V2
contractors for work inspections throughout Darin Borysko and was
required. the process. r e c o m m e n d e d b y
Contractors interested Councillor Brian c o m m i t t e e t o b e
in prequalifying for the Boyce said, “What was presented to council for
provision of water and going on was not right. approval.
sewer installation This way people can

Martin Sellar-Voll volunteered to be the auctioneer this year for the United
Church’s annual dessert auction. Martin is not an auctioneer by trade but
some young helpers did a fine job keeping track of the bids and getting the
baked goods delivered to the buyers. A total of $3,171 was raised with $100
to the hospital, the church mission received $2,563, the youth group $660
and YES for $ Deanna Mitchener

Public hearing held on

proposed frac sand facility

by Adrienne Tait with a possibility of up to 60 trucks at
peak volumes between January and
A public hearing was held during the March.
Yellowhead County council meeting Area residents Lee Aitchison and
on November 24 to hear information David Falk expressed some concerns
and concerns regarding a proposed and asked some questions regarding
Frac sand transloading facility. water use, dust control, and operating
The proposed site of the facility is hours.
an un-reclaimed aggregate pit near According to the SiL presentation
Marlboro between the east and west there will be “no noxious use on site
bound highway 16. that will create excessive noise or
Lauren Greenhogh and Laura Royer vibration beyond the boundary of the
came before council as representatives site.”
of the project to present their The company agreed to comply with
information and request council rezone air quality and dust control legislation
the area from forestry district to rural standards and will have power
industrial. supplied to the site by Fortis.
SiL was founded 45 years ago and is A traffic impact assessment still
Canada's largest frac sand producer. needs to be completed and the
Sand will be transported to the site company told council it will
by super B grain trailers before being implement a public consultation
dumped onto a conveyor belt and process at a future date.
moved into truck load silos. The matter will be brought back to
Consumer needs will dictate the council for a second reading at a
operating hours but 25 trucks are future date.
expected to access the facility daily
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