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THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2015 PAGE 3 We specialize in protecting and maintaining

Refreshed town logo the appearance of your vehicles RENEW YOUR RIDE!

heads for approval Stop paint chips with Xpel Films We can make your Vehicle


to ensure an exact fit.
by Adrienne Tait local media outlets asking for public input. The Computer Generated Kits 00
results of the survey indicated that 55% of people Power Polishing from $399
Town of Edson communications coordinator Steve who responded to the survey preferred the refreshed HAVE YOUR VEHICLE PROTECTED TODAY!
Bethge presented the results of the branding refresh logo over the updated Centennial logo.
public consultation to town council during the Of the respondents who are not town or county
November 24 committee of the whole meeting. residents an overwhelming majority (88.9%) were in 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
In his presentation to council Bethge said over the favor of the new logo. A result, according to CAO 780-723-5353 780-723-5353
years Edson has had a number of themes and Mike Derricott, that eliminates an emotional for stationary, decals, and sign upgrades. Street
administration believes that “one brand could help attachment factor. signs etcetera would be phased out as required rather Like us on Like us on
pull it all together.” “We truly are picking between better and best,” than all at once.
Two options were presented as a possible brand for said Derricott, “The Centennial logo is a quality logo Mayor Pasychny said, “I have a bit of an We specialize in protecting and maintaining We specialize in protecting and maintaining
the town in order create a more cohesive look, feel, and has served us well.” attachment to the Centennial logo but it's a five color the appearance of your vehicles
and marketing campaign. The first option is a Bethge said one of the most frequent concerns logo. Once you make it a one color logo you can't the appearance of your vehicles
refreshed logo while option two is the Centennial expressed by residents was the cost associated with read it. From a financial point of view one color is
continued from front logo with the “est. 1911” removed. switching to a new logo. Those costs, an estimated the cheapest and with one color it looks like * Shine Tech Shine Paint Protection KROWN RUST
Currently the town is using the Centennial logo as $25,000, would be the same regardless of which of scribbles. When you start getting into multiple colors * Sprayless scratch repair from $49.00 KROWN Winter Roads PROTECTION
its unofficial logo in addition to the stylized 'e', the the two options was chosen. you start increasing costs.” * Xpel Rockguard RUST & LUBRICATION
Town signs, and the old town crest. “There is no In anticipation of moving to a unified brand the “Organizationally we've gone through a * Detailing packages - priced from $79.00 PROTECTION Salt, Rocks, debris DETAILS
Revenue Sharing 'cheque in the mail' real consistency,” said Bethge who noted that there town has refrained from ordering promotional restructuring. This is a natural change,” said
No changes to the funding formula, dates, or assessment base are town vehicles that still sport the crest while the materials or replacing branded items until such time Derricott, “The Centennial logo will always be a AND MORE! Protect your paint
stationary has the Centennial logo and the 'e' is as a decision was reached. Therefor much of the piece of Edson's history. We need a consistent with Xpel Films PREMIUM
present on numerous signs. stock has been depleted and any costs incurred to message and consistent brand. I strongly STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH PRODUCTS
A survey was sent out and public feedback was replace those items already budgeted for regardless recommend we have only one logo.” STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH XPEL FILMS
continued from front requested from a variety of different platforms of logo. The committee recommended sending option one XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS
$8 million grant for water including Facebook, the Town website, Twitter and The estimated $25,000 includes replacement costs of the branding refresh model to council for 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
treatment in town, county approval. 780-723-5353 780-723-5353
Charges elevated to Like us on Visit us on
Grizzly illegally killed near Whitecourt Edson Thrift Shop
submitted Second Degree Murder Change in We specialize in protecting and maintaining We specialize in protecting and maintaining
continued from front the appearance of your vehicles
Fish and Wildlife Officers are seeking the public's assistance in identifying suspects that may aggravated assault in the matter, given that Mr. Goulet.Christopher Ronald Edward Harrison was the appearance of your vehicles
be involved in the illegal killing of a Grizzly Bear 30 km south of the town of Whitecourt, AB. Goulet had sustained serious injuries and was being remanded into custody and is scheduled to appear time schedule Available HAIL DAMAGE
now at
now at
On November 16 at 0844hrs, Fish & Wildlife Officers responded to a shot and left Grizzly treated in hospital. Shine Tech When you bring in your vehicle for a Krown application,
Shine Tech
Bear on the Weyerhaeuser cut-across from the Groat Creek Haul Road south of Whitecourt. On November 15, Mr. Goulet succumbed to his in Provincial Court in Edson on Tuesday, our annually trained technicians treat your vehicle with
Officers located the Grizzly Bear that was partially consumed by scavengers and recovered “Do it for our injuries and passed away in hospital. An autopsy was December 1, 2015. our industry leading solvent free, petroleum based, self- ON YOUR VEHICLE?
evidence from the kill site. Officers believe the incident took place between November 14 kids and completed by the Edmonton Medical Examiner's In an interviewing following the media release Thursdays ONLY healing rust inhibitor and lubricant. Developed for
and 15th. Fish and Wildlife are asking for assistance from the public on anyone that might Office on Tuesday, November 17, wherein Mr. Corporal Turnball said, "Second degree murder harsh climates and heavy wear and tear, the Krown We Can Help!
have information on this poaching incident or suspicious activity in the area on crown land grandkids Goulet's death was determined to be a homicide, is charged when action is taken that one could November 1 - March 1
north of Shiningbank (SW22-TWP57-R14-W5M). because if we pending the results of additional testing. reasonably expect could result in someone's product provides exceptional protection and lubrication Call or stop in today to start the process
This is the third Grizzly Bear poached this fall in the region. Fox Creek had one poached last don't the price Police consulted with the Crown Prosecutor and a death." In determining the charge the RCMP, 10 am - 4 pm on vehicles, machinery, electrical connections, and for having your ride repaired.
month around Kilometer 135 of the ANC Road and Hinton District had one shot and left near charge of second degree murder was supported in light "Have to look at the totality of the situation and metal parts.
the Gregg River on Highway 40. is too high...” of the evidence gathered by investigators. Harrison take into account witness statements, video, and
This is the second year in a row that Whitecourt District has had a Grizzly Bear shot. The was arrested yesterday by police in Edson and charged any further evidence." 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
previous case the hunter mistakenly harvested the animal thinking it was a Black Bear. with the second degree murder of Mr. At this time no further charges are expected to All other times remain 780-723-5353 780-723-5353
Something as simple as a Facebook post of a bear taken by a friend might be all Fish & be laid.
Wildlife Officers need to help pin-point or locate the suspect(s). the same Visit us on Visit us on
Grizzly Bear and human encounters are on the increase and hunters are reminded to give
them their space and ensure that a hunter studies the animal before pulling the trigger. This is a Monthly billing for town utilities coming
mild November and bears are still awake fattening up for hibernation. Black Bears can continued from front We specialize in protecting and maintaining We specialize in protecting and maintaining
sometime be mistaken for Grizzly Bears. Remember, there are lots of honest hunters on the residents who do not own a computer and would the appearance of your vehicles the appearance of your vehicles
landscape and hunters can make mistakes. The hunters that report hunting mishaps or Councillor Janet Wilkinson agreed and said, “If we therefor miss out of the incentive through no fault of
accidents are true sportsman. Hunters that make a mistake like shooting a Grizzly Bear by are saving $2,000 in postage we can afford to offer a their own. More than a premium Wiper Blade!
accident and drive away are Poachers -not hunters. one-time incentive.” Councillor Chouinard said he likes getting the paper * Shinetech Clear FX *NEW KROWN RUST AutoTex Pink
The number to report poachers is 1-800-642-3800. Callers can be kept confidential, request Edson CAO Mike Derricott said, “If council wishes * Scratch Repair - From $49.00 & LUBRICATION Change your blades ... change a life!
to speak to an officer and might be eligible for a reward. to offer an incentive we can certainly do that. It is bill but understands that with online and telephone * Detailing Packages - Priced from $79.00
absolutely an option. But when we did the initial banking many people would prefer the electronic Help support Canadian Breast Cancer
30 THE WEEKLY ANCHOR rollout many did not need that incentive. People just format. * XPEL Stoneguard Films P PROTECTIONROTECTION PREMIUM Research
The committee recommended the current utility
Grizzly illegally killed near Whitecourt. want e-billing. People may just have that interest.” bylaw be brought before council for amendment. * Krown Products P PACKAGESACKAGES PRODUCTS
Custom T-Shirts! A d i D n yone Say... Councillor Boyce said there are a certain amount of
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer STOP PAINT CHIPS WITH Priced from $11.99
discounts available
All Full COLOUR! RIDE? One student packs 11 shoeboxes XPEL PAINT PROTECTION FILMS
Bring your pictures & Ideas! 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
No additional cost for Operation Christmas Child 780-723-5353 780-723-5353
BORN Like us on Visit us on
GOLF Vanier student Jace simple act of kindness He even chose plastic
WORK DON’T TELL ANYONE Coley was chatting with and giving can make totes to fill so the kids
h i s m o m a b o u t such a difference in a could use the boxes
G a r d eners Operation Christmas child's life in other when they were empty.
Jace achieved his
CEREAL ESCAPED Child and the purpose countries. goal and will bring a
of the shoeboxes.
Jace and his mom
KILLER! Rhonda, his mom, raised money through smile to the faces of 11
showed him a video of the kind donations of children this Christmas,
Spread the Best Dirt
5040 3rd Ave., Edson, AB 723-5787 kids in Africa receiving family and friends, and and really lives up to the 5925 - 3rd Avenue, Edson
the shoe boxes in the rallied enough to create Vanier school motto of 780-723-5353
past to help him 11 full shoeboxes for 'Caring and Sharing'.
understand how a boys and girls. (see photo on front) Visit us on
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