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Grizzly illegally killed Conservative


Guest Column by Clyde Corser
Community What is a conservative in today’s world?

in Action The seeds for this column were very slow to germinate. Like the acorn a
by Isabella Sellar Voll squirrel buried deep in the ground and then forgot, I have known for many
years that I am a conservative, but much more recently began to actively
wonder what exactly is a conservative in today's world, and more specifically
in Edson, Alberta, Canada and the Western civilization in which I live.
Decades ago I first joined a political party – the freshly minted Progressive
Conservative party led by Peter Lougheed, and worked to help elect one of the
Blind View Grizzly illegally killed near Whitecourt. first members of his fresh, dynamic team, Bob Dowling, now 91 years young.
Bob still lives in Jasper and when I last saw him several months ago his
Window Fashions submitted or suspicious activity in the increase and hunters hearing was not quite what it used to be, but his eyes and his mind were as
the area on crown land
quick and alert as ever. Ironically, when Bob won the [then] Edson 1969 by-
are reminded to give
Fish and Wildlife north of Shiningbank them their space and election following the untimely death of popular Liberal MLA William (Bill)
Custom Window Treatments Officers are seeking the (SW22-TWP57-R14- ensure that a hunter Switzer, he defeated Grant Notley, iconic Alberta NDP leader and father of
since 1988 public's assistance in W5M). studies the animal before our premier.
identifying suspects that This is the third Grizzly pulling the trigger. This Several years ago when I decided the PC party and I were no longer in sync
may be involved in the Bear poached this fall in is a mild November and I joined the [now] Wildrose party. I liked the freshness of its ideas and ideals
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember illegal killing of a Grizzly the region. Fox Creek bears are still awake – particularly it's member driven structure and philosophy and more
780.542.0898 Bear 30 km south of the had one poached last f a t t e n i n g u p f o r conservative outlook. Wildrose grew quickly and, as we are all painfully
town of Whitecourt, AB. month around Kilometer hibernation. Black Bears aware, its explosive growth masked some structural defects and even more
On November 16 at 135 of the ANC Road and c a n s o m e t i m e b e importantly, organic malaise. Will Wildrose survive its youthful trauma?
blind view 0844hrs, Fish & Wildlife Hinton District had one mistaken for Grizzly Unfortunately, history can only be observed through a rear-view mirror, so
that question cannot yet be fully answered. One thing about trauma however;
shot and left near the
Bears. Remember, there
Officers responded to a
window shot and left Grizzly Bear Gregg River on Highway are lots of honest hunters it tends to kill us, cripple us or make us stronger.
Alberta more than ever needs a strong conservative party. Contrary to the
on the landscape and
on the Weyerhaeuser cut-
This is the second year
fashions across from the Groat in a row that Whitecourt h u n t e r s c a n m a k e confident predictions of virtually all of the media pundits, the floor-crossing
mistakes. The hunters
debacle last year did not kill the Wildrose party. Whether it cripples us or
Creek Haul Road south of
that report hunting
Whitecourt. Officers
District has had a Grizzly
makes us stronger will depend on the decisions and actions taken – not just by
located the Grizzly Bear Bear shot. The previous mishaps or accidents are Wildrose party members, but by every conservative Albertan over the next
that was partially c a s e t h e h u n t e r true sportsman. Hunters four years.
July 20 consumed by scavengers mistakenly harvested the that make a mistake like my column and with your help I would like to examine this question from
Which brings me back to my central question, “What is a conservative”? In
animal thinking it was a
and recovered evidence
shooting a Grizzly Bear
August 10 from the kill site. Black Bear. by accident and drive every conceivable angle; to study it, joust with it, dissect it, discuss it and
savour it with political friends and enemies alike, with the hope and
Something as simple as
Officers believe the
away are Poachers -not
expectation that we may all emerge with a better understanding and stronger
a Facebook post of a bear
August 31 incident took place taken by a friend might be poachers is 1-800-642- sense of our place in the political arena. To that end I have set up a special
The number to report
between November 14
email address and facebook page that I will use only for this purpose and
all Fish & Wildlife
and 15th. Fish and
September 21 Wildlife are asking for Officers need to help pin- 3800. Callers can be kept through which I solicit your questions, comments, ideas, observations and
constructive criticism. I won't publish this column every week, but I will
confidential, request to
point or locate the
assistance from the
October 12 public on anyone that suspect(s). speak to an officer and publish it at more-or-less regular intervals for as long as you find it interesting
might be eligible for a
Grizzly Bear and
and it continues to progress towards its objectives. Not every acorn grows
might have information
November 2 on this poaching incident human encounters are on reward. into a mighty oak tree, but every oak tree began as an acorn. Let's begin!
November 23
December 14
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