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Yellowhead County Council begins new term

2017 by Dana McArthur Breanna Pudlo and Jane Henry will sit on the The GPC meetings will continue on the third

Operation The new term for the Yellowhead County Family and Community Services Board. Robert Tuesday of each month at 9:30 a.m. in the
Mitchell will sit on the Agricultural Services Board. Yellowhead County Administration Building in
Council began as the elected members were Christina Bowman, Sheila Easson, and Todd Edson.
officially sworn in on Tuesday, October 31. Hockett will sit on the Parks and Recreation Board. Bridge Construction Tender Awarded – Council
Donna Simon, Commissioner of Oaths, acting on Martino Verhaeghe, Boguslawa Pomerenke, Nina awarded the 2017 Bridge Maintenance and Other
behalf of the County swore in the new and Kencis, and Robert Mitchell will sit on the Work contract to Bridgemen Services Ltd. in the
returning council members. Subdivision and Development Appeal Board. And amount of $597,502.50. The contract covers repairs
The organizational meeting followed with Susan Otway and Sheena Melin will sit on the to 7 county bridges.
Councillor Anthony Giezen Division #2 (Wildwood Library Board. First Reading to Land Use Bylaw Amendment –
and Area) appointed as Deputy Mayor. The regular council meeting was then opened Council gave first reading to Bylaw 14.17,
The council meeting schedule was set with with the adoption to rename the Committee of the amending Land Use Bylaw 16.13 from Rural
201 Operation regular meetings on the second and fourth Whole meetings to the Governance and Priorities District to Country Residential Limited District.
Christmas Child Tuesdays of each month at 9:30 a.m. in Council Committee meetings (GPC). The recommendation Council forwarded the Bylaw to a Public Hearing
Shoebox Chambers. came from the George Cuff presentation hosted by on the 28th of November, 2017.
Council also concluded the appointment of public the County recently. "It was suggested as a change
The next Council Meetings are November 28 and
campaign has members to various county boards and committees. for public clarity to understand the process in December 12. The next Governance and Priorities
begun and the Jack Williams will sit on Heritage Advisory Board. which an issue is vetted," said CAO Jack Ramme. Committee (GPC) meetings are on November
Edson Collection 21and December 19.
day is Friday Chautauqua presents: God is a Scottish Drag Queen
November 1 .
Please drop your by Adrienne Tait The next Chautauqua presented performance DUCT CLEANING
shoeboxes off at Chautauqua Edson Arts Council presented will be held at the Red Brick Theatre on Furnace & Water Heater
November 24 as the Best Little Newfoundland
The Weekly God is a Scottish Drag Queen: the Second Christmas Pageant ever takes the stage. Repairs & Replacements
Anchor, Century Coming at the Red Brick Theatre on Friday, Financing Available OAC
21 or the YKC October 27. EDSON DRY CLEANERS
The sold out show marked the second time in
School. just under a year Delamont performed for the 780-723-7503
Please contact Edson crowd and once again had the audience 108 50 Street Conveniently located to serve
780-723-3050 if in stitches. The show is the second of the four Edson, Niton Junction,
part series performed by comedian Mike
you require more Delamont. Delamont was at the Red Brick Wildwood, Evansburg,
All F/R Coveralls
information. Theatre in January when he performed the first All F/R Coveralls
part of the show. Mayerthorpe, Entwistle
10% Off
The Canadian comedian once again appeared 10% Off
as God dressed in a mauve plaid power suit this
time addressing everything simplifying the 10
Commandments to roasting Donald Trump and
television Evangelists.
(New & Used)
Originally created as a character for the (New & Used)
Atomic Vaudeville cabaret the Delamont has
both written and stars in the fringe show
Canadian comedian Mike Delmont entertained favourite. October 30 - November 11
October 30 - November 11
the Edson audience with the second installment Delamont has been on tour with the two act
of his God is a Scottish Drag Queen show. show travelling across North America.

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