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ACE & WCA are Partnering for Clean Coal Technology

A Monthly Update on the Coal Industry
Letter to the Editor

‘Decision the result of a failure to build a genuine coalition on climate action...’
IEA report recognises coal’s role in energy access Benjamin SportonWCA Chief Executive

The World Coal Association (WCA) has With significant strides made in delivering It’s in powered up grids in developing Asia
welcomed a new International Energy Agency energy access to urban populations the IEA report and Africa where governments have identified
(IEA) report detailing the significant role that highlights the significant role that renewable a role for low emissions coal technology to
WCA joins UN Global Compact coal has played in improving energy access technologies, and solar in particular, will play in meet their integrated energy access and
around the world. According to the report, in electrifying rural and remote populations through climate objectives. 24 countries including
the last 16 years, nearly all of those who gained mini and off-grid solutions. This means that coal’s major economies such as India, Nigeria and
access to electricity worldwide did so through role in delivering a “first connection” to new throughout Southeast Asia have identified low
Environment new grid connections, mostly from fossil fuels power will reduce; but 16% of those who gain emissions coal technologies as critical to
– 45% of which came from coal.
access through to 2030 will still do so with coal
powering their economic development while
WCA Chief Executive, Benjamin Sporton, meaning coal continues to play an important role reducing emissions in their Paris Agreement
The Canadian coal industry is committed to operating in an said: in the world’s energy access targets. pledges.
environmentally responsible manner, and to continuously searching This report highlights the historic strides We also need to do more to raise ambition in This highlights the need for investment in a
for ways to reduce or eliminate what impact it may have associated made in developing and emerging Asia, where energy access. While the IEA has increased the range of technologies, including coal. There is
with the mining and use of coal. coal has been crucial to millions of people ambition for its energy access target, it still sits a perception that global energy access and
At the Mine Site gaining access to electricity, in fact the report well below even India’s per capita consumption climate objectives can be achieved without
shows that coal has delivered nearly half of the today. Beyond basic first connections economic coal, a claim this report contradicts. That is
The environment is a fundamental consideration in the production, improvement of that past 16 years. In India development and real energy access needs more why the World Coal Association continues to
transportation and use of coal in Canada and the coal industry has alone, 500 million people have gained access to than basic ‘light bulb’ solutions; it needs grids call for international support from
initatives that address land use, waste, air and water quality, noise electricity since 2000, almost doubling the powered up to support business and industry and development banks and other institutions for
and emissions. country’s electrification rate – 75% of this came other essential social services, something this low emission coal technologies to be deployed
from coal. report largely ignores. where they are needed.
Some of the ways that environmental impacts are reduced:
· mining trucks have increased significantly in size reducing THE

the amount of trips needed to haul coal WEEKLY
· railway cars made of aluminum mean one locomotive can
haul more coal using the same amount of fuel ANCHOR
· mining drills include dust collection systems 5040 3rd Avenue
· air quality and monitoring stations measure air quality on 780-723-5787
Several years before a mine begins operation, planning goes into Sponsored by industry supporters of responsible energy
how the mine can be reclaimed to the same or even better
conditions. Environmental impact assessments take place, public
consultations are held and thorough reviews are undertaken by
regulatory agencies at the provincial and federal level. Mining
companies are required to report on their reclamation plan and
progress to the government. GERING GRAVEL SALES

More than 75 of the land disturbed by coal mining in Alberta has
been reclaimed.

At the Power Plant

The use of any natural resource for energy will have varying
degrees of impact on the natural environment. Effective
technologies have been developed to tackle environmental
challenges, including the release of pollutants – such as sulfer and
nitrogen. More recently, the focus has been on developing and
deploying technologies to tackle greenhouse gas emissions
associated with the use of coal, including carbon dioxide and
methane. More information can be found on the technology page.
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