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The Scene

Upcoming Graveyard Tour hosted by Historical Society

Events by Mikaela Kuefler

The Edson District Historical Society hosted another
November 18 Historical Graveyard Tour on October 31. The tour started at
Girls Night Out for girls in November 12 the Galloway Station Museum with an introductory
grades 8 & Up, starting at Sacred Heart CWL presentation by Assistant Museum Manager Marian Kirkham.
2:30PM at the Galloway Station Bazaar from 11 am to People attending then boarded the bus to go to the Edson
Museum. Activities will include 3 pm. Event includes Cemetery, aka 'the Baby Graves'.
There, Heritage Consultant Christopher White provided a
doing hair, makeup, crafts, eating a tea/lunch, bake sale tour and information about the Cemetery. White has provided
dinner and going to the movies at items, silent auction, graveyard tours a few times in Edson since the completion of
the Nova Theatre (rating canning, clothing, his graduate thesis on the Edson Cemetery in 2012.
dependent). At the end of the jewelry, spices, crafts White explained that if you see an indentation in the ground
night, girls will receive a free and many more items. in the shape of a rectangle, it is most likely a grave. Even
gift. Register at or Come and check it though many gravestones have since disappeared from the
in person at Respol Place Guest out! Contact 780- graves, the deceased were placed facing east with the belief of
Services. 723-3661. rising with the sun and greeting Jesus when going up to
November 18-20 November 15 Starting in 1912, 35 people have been buried there, with
The Edson Creative Arts Society Edson Blood Drive at sixteen of the deceased under the age of 15. Twenty percent of
the graveyard population is under the age of two.
and the Edson Craft Centre the Royal Canadian The first burial was on September 1912, to an eleven year
present recent works by area Legion, 5016 5 old girl named Mary McEver. “It was a very big moment for
artists. The 2016 Palette and Avenue, 3 pm to 8 the town,” said White.
Pottery exhibition and sale opens pm. Proudly The last burial was on September 1918. After that the town
Friday, November 18, 2016 from supported by the decided to have a Cemetery elsewhere after encountering too People attending the Historical Graveyard Tour listen as
7-9 p.m. (Opening Night has Edson United Church. many obstacles, such as sandstone. “There could very well be Christopher White speaks about the history of the Edson
punch/hors d'oeuvres reception), burials that pre-date 1912 as well as post date a little after Cemetery on October 30. photo Mikaela Kuefler
Saturday, November 19, 2016 November 15 1918. We know that October and November were probably the
from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Beaver Meadow Ag hard cut date because that is when we had the first burials read 12 stories about the data they had collected and
Sunday, November 20, 2016 Society is hosting a appearing in the Glenwood Cemetery,” said White. researched. The idea for the stories came from locals.
from Noon – 4 p.m. at the Edson Ranchers' Saloon and Today, people still visit the Edson Cemetery to provide “In the future, we could have a very interesting archive of
Library Building on 4726 8 Casino at the Beaver markers and sentimental items on graves, such as teddy bears stories. There's a lot more we could talk about. We didn't touch
and fences. “I have been tracking the different forms of
Avenue. Meadow Hall north of commemorating for years. It presents itself in different ways, on the veterans, which is another area we would like to do,”
Niton Junction at depending on how people interpret the site. There has been said Kirkham.
The oldest grave in the Glenwood is dated back to 1918.
November 26 55518 RR123. This is some witchcraft related wooden artifacts that have been put on Currently, the population of the graveyard is approximately
Fulham Bazaar 10 am – 2 pm. a fun money casino. display before, such as hanging sticks. I'm happy to see people 4048 and has the capacity for nearly 24000. “If we stay at the
Jamborees start up again every Door prizes are appreciating the site and taking meaning from it,” said White. same population and bury at the same pace, the cemetery
second Saturday starting Nov. 12 $1,000, $500 and two After, people were taken to the Glenwood Cemetery to listen could take 400 years to fill,” said Kirkham.
2-6 pm. For more information CFR Rodeo Finals to stories about the lives of people buried in the Cemetery. After the tour, people reconvened at the museum for some
call Deanna 780-683-0153. tickets. Dress “Everybody contributed, in their way, to the community and snacks and hot beverages.
western, old style or that was what we were interested in,” said Kirkham. The Historical Society is hoping to have their next tour this
November 26 new. Supper is at 7 Kirkham and Trish Webber took turns presenting as they summer.
Kids Ski Rentals 10 am at pm with casino to
Westhaven School Gym. follow. For tickets
Must be Muskeg Flyers call Diane at 795-
member. Call 712-1906. 2206, Gladys at 795-
2203 or Pat 795-2545.
December 3
The Edson and District Public November 17-19
Library will hold their annual Red Brick Arts Centre
tree trimming party. Kids are and Museum is th
invited to do crafts and enjoy hosting their 11
snacks and hot cocoa. A visit annual Festival of
from Santa is scheduled from 11- Trees. Nov. 17 (9 am
12:30pm. to 9 pom), Nov. 18 (9
am to 9 pm), Nov. 19
(11 am to 9 pm).
Lunch served daily Children and staff have fun celebrating Halloween at the Edson Daycare
11:30 to 1:30 pm on October 31. photo Deanna Mitchener
(there is a cost).
Special reception Nov.
19 (7-9 pm).
Sponsored by Repsol.

November 17
Centennial Park and
Downtown Light Up -
Enjoy the lights
sparkling on the trees.
Free cookies and hot
chocolate will be
provided from 430-
6pm. Activities such
as crafts for kids in
the museum and
possibly snowshoeing Volunteers Barb Mazur, Sharon Zielasko, Stacy Brillon, Merrick Morgan,
will also be offered. Shayla Penner and Zoey Van Nes enjoy going Serina Coate, Barb Lynn, and Cathy Jones gather around the trailer used
through the Niton Bottle Depot Haunted House to carry food bank donations from Murray's Haunted House. Murrays
See Classified Page for
monthly meetings on October 31. Haunted House filled the trailer from front to back to a depth of
and activities photo Mikaela Kuefler approximately three feet and collected $160 for the food bank.
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