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"I should like to pay the highest tribute for the most gallant fight put up against impossible odds"
PAGE 10 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2015 Admiral Tovey - (After the sinking of the Bismarck) - 27th May 1941

Lest we Forget

Coal Valley Sylver Buehler Mercoal Veterans
Joe Labuda — Rankin
Ronald V. Plante Mawhinney Toma Perry Wheat Gerald Flohr
Ernie Page Kenneth Wheat David Adams
Foothills Johnnie Loyer Edwin David Conger Peter Kolbe
William Wilson Joseph Lewicki Burn Conger Ernie Grandmaison
W.L. Hammitt William Curtain William J. Donovan William Cook
John Romaniuik Frank Anthony Martin Charles Stanley Wills William Milton
Mike Romaniuk Frank Roscovich John Belair
Ray Watkins Carl Roscovich Stan Baker
Jack Watkins Jr. Fraser McLeod Howard Cassidy Roger David Conger
Maurice Lanouette Allan Homes Laurie Switzer George M. Christophers
J. Mowlam Archie MacLeod Roy McLeod
Sterco Harold McDonald (or Robert Irwin William Bell Asbridge
CHARLES FREMONT Curtis B. Munson McDonald Harold) John Relling Thank you to Gary
IRWIN 1895-1977 Richard Armstrong J. Scott Hector MacLeod Conger, Ken Wheat and
b. Manitoba; Joseph Arthur Holroyd Arnold Williams Howard Woody living Veterans.
d. Carrot Creek, AB
CHARLES ALAN IRWIN 1917 enlisted in the army and James Archibald Irving Paul Marshall
1925-2014 served with the Canadian Douglas James Paul Thank you to Ed Jenkins Fred Smigelsky If you have any
b. Carrot Creek, AB Expeditionary Force in Raymond Clarence Carren and Florence (Jenkins) Lionel Bailey information about any of
d. Spruce Grove, AB Belgium, France and Frank Lavorato Cable. If you have any Arnold McIntyre these veterans please
1943 Alan joined the navy in Germany until the end of William Nicolson information about these Roberta McIntyre contact Mary at
the fall. Took basic training WWI on Nov. 11, 1918 (as an John Nicolson veterans call Mary at 780- Bernedette McIntyre 780-728-9797
at HMCS Nonsuch in army medic in the trenches Freeman Nicolson 725-9797 or email Ernie Foss
Edmonton, ‘stoker’ training and was gassed). During Melvin Elmer Jones Arnold Flohr
at Cornwallis, NS and WWII joined the RCAF. He Roger Savignae
Halifax. He volunteered for served at several bases in
R C N F l e e t A i r A r m eastern Canada before being
(England) 1944-45 training mustered out at the end of the
as an aircraft mechanic. Just war (Cpl. Irwin CF#2FIS Luscar Veterans
as squadron was to board RCAF). Homesteader of
H M C S B o n a v e n t u r e , Carrot Creek, AB. Axel Mordeen
Canada’s only aircraft Archibald Mitchell
carrier, peace was declared. James Mitchell Roy Campbell
R e t i r e d f r o m C . I . L John Mitchell William Small
polyethylene plant, Edm. Weldon Stacey
Nick Kulyk
Wayne Spencer Joe Henderson
Vernon Hughes George Pilichowski
Roy Larson William Pilichowski
Donald Carson Dick Green
Mike Zozak Joseph Green
Jason Thomas
George Reece Thank you to John
Kazmir Adamchuk Mitchell.
Barney Giovianazzo or If you have any
Giovanazzo information about these
Arthur Baker veterans please contact
BAWOL Private, born March 14, 1891, died March 1, 1974. Branch of William Baker 780-725-9797
KEITH ACORN Division or Regimental No, service, Army (R.C.A.); 10th Battalion Canadian Stanley Baker or email
Divisional or Regimental Loyal Edmonton Regiment; Expeditionary Force. Enlisted Nov. 28, 1917 to April 5, 1919.
No R26639; rank, Sergeant; rank, Private; signed up Served in France. Medals awarded: British War Medal and
signed up 1939, discharged November 1943, discharged Victory Medal. Allan was born in Port Elgin, Ontario, moved
1945; years served, 5; served January 1946; years served 2 to Carrot Creek in 1910.
in Canada (Dauphin and plus; served in England,
Mosband, Manitoba);
medals/ stars Volunteer of Belgium, Holland and LAWRENCE WILLIAMS HONOURING
Canada; pay per day, $1.25; Germany with Education Division or Regimental No,
training RCAF, flying time Improvement Corp; medals/ M50348; discharged; rank
1200 hrs at 1 ½ to 2 hours, stars, France-Germany Star, L/Sgt.; signed up April 14,
day; passed away May 25, War Medal; pay per day, 1941, discharged January 8, OUR NATION’S
2003. while in Educational Corps, 1946; served in United
acting corporal with trades K i n g d o m , C e n t r a l
Mediterranean, Continental
pay, $1.90; training, Military Europe; medals/stars,
in Calgary, Warfare in CVSM, Defence Medal, ‘39- HEROES
Wainwright and barge 45 Star, Italy Star, France-
landing in Port Alberni. Germany Star.
From the Royal Canadian Legion
1898 - 1989 Divisional or Regimental Wildwood Branch #149
Served WWI France, No Canadian Army; rank,
entered at 16 years old. private; signed up 1942,
Served WWII in Lethbridge discharged 1946; served in James Booth David Pennell ALLAN SHANTZ
a s P r i s o n G u a r d . Canada; training, Edmonton Private, born March 14, 1891, died March 1, 1974. Branch of
Discharged in 1949. and Calgary. Terry Cardinal Joan Redinger service, Army (R.C.A.); 10th Battalion Canadian
Expeditionary Force. Enlisted Nov. 28, 1917 to April 5, 1919.
Merle Dash Tom Riendeau Served in France. Medals awarded: British War Medal and
Lest We Forget Boe Erickson Hector Schuler Victory Medal. Allan was born in Port Elgin, Ontario, moved
DEL BLOCK to Carrot Creek in 1910.
Division or Regimental No, John Estes Cecil Travis
A105518; rank, Private;
signed up August 1942, Ellen Tim Ulch
discharged April 1946; year
served, 4; served in Europe Greenwood Sal Turco
and United Kingdom;
medals/ stars, 1939-45 Remembering & Ashley Hicks Larry Johnson
Medal, 1939 Volunteer NICK ANTONENKO Honouring Our Heroes Rudy Bruce Phillips
Service Medal with Clasp, Division or Regimental No,
1939-45 Defence Medal, 31st Alta. RECCE Regiment Hiesinger Don Gibbs
France Germay Star, 39-45 (Scouting) M52080; rank,
Star; pay per day, $1.35 Private; signed up April Michael Christine
basic, $1.50 advanced, $2.00 1942, discharged 1945;
B Trades pay, cook; training years served, 3; served in Johnson Dungey
basic, advanced and trades Canada; pay per day, started
school and cooking school in at $1.10, ended with $1.50; Joe Nepper Yvonne Nielen
Farnsborough, England, training: basic advanced and Ron Martel
cook for B Company HLA Commando, took 30 days Garfield
from June 44-Dec. 45, cook training in Camrose, 1939; Nichols Gregory Martel
for sergeant’s mess CAHQ other members in family
from Dec. 45 - Jan. 46; other who served, brother Mike, Reg O’Dell Stan Berg
members in family who served overseas in the First
served, broth, Dalton Block, War and in Canada in the Phone: (780) 723-2355
RCAF, killed in action 1944. Second War. 4624 2 Ave, Edson, AB
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