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NOVEMBER 11, 2015

Remembrance Day is a day of remembrance because...

By the end of World War I there were a total of 15 veterans’ groups who recognized the Legion’s enormous potential to serve Canada.

and a number of regimental associations representing former Soonbranches across the country were responding to needs in their
service members in Canada. Despite their common goal – to help communities – an ambulance here, a sports program there, and
returned servicemen in need – their efforts were fragmented and eventually large scale provincial and national projects, such as
largely unsuccessful. In 1925, an appeal for unity led to the housing for the elderly and the track and field program for young
formation of the Dominion Veterans Alliance, out of which evolved Canadians. Today, with over 450,000 members, The Royal Canadian
The Canadian Legion of the British Empire Legion is the largest veterans-based community
Services League the following year. service organization in the country contributing
The Legion quickly became a persuasive millions of dollars and voluntary hours to help
advocate for improved pension legislation Canadians, particularly veterans, seniors and
and other benefits for veterans and their youth. The Legion motto is “Service Before
families, including treatment and appeals Self.”
procedures, returned soldiers’ insurance and KEEPINGTHE
help for those suffering from tuberculosis.

Passage of the 1930 War Veterans’ MEMORYALIVE

Allowance Act was a major breakthrough, Most Canadians associate the Legion with

winning financial assistance for thousands of Remembrance ceremonies and activities

men who had not been eligible for disability perpetuating the memory of those who died in

pensions even though they had been the two world wars and the Korean War.

incapacitatedbywarservice. Probably the most widely known activity is the
National Poppy Remembrance Campaign in
THE LEGION PREPARES which Legion members and friends distribute
poppy emblems for donations to raise money

FORWWIIVETERANS for needy veterans, ex-service members, and
their families.
World War II brought an influx of new November 11, the
On Remembrance Day,
demands. The Legion provided canteens, Legion also holds memorial services in
entertainment and reading material for those communities across Canada. In Ottawa, the
serving abroad and at home, as well as Governor-General, Prime Minister, veterans
correspondence courses to help them on their and members of the military and the public
return to civilian life. attend the service at the National War
But most importantly, from the outset of war, the Legion began to Memorial. The ceremonies are replicated at thousands of locations
prepare for the returning troops. Financial compensation, clothing across the country.
allowances, pensions, medical treatment, preference in the civil
service, vocational training, land settlements were all routinely THENEWMILLENNIUM
arranged and provided. To this day the Legion maintains a st
nationwide network of professionally helping veterans, ex-service As the Legion moves into the 21 century, its members have
members and their families to secure the pensions and benefits to rededicated themselves to ensure the care of Canada’s veterans and
which they are entitled. the perpetuation of remembrance. The implementations of the “Two
Minute Wave of Silence” in 1999, and the establishment of “The
ADJUSTTOTHETIMES Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” in 2000, are just two examples of how

Although the Legion was founded to advance the cause of veterans, the Legion is preparing Canadians to never forget the lessons and
sacrifices of the past. Continued pressure on the Federal Government
its grass roots structure led naturally to community service. to improve benefits for those who have served the country in uniform

The ‘Foster Fathers Program’, founded in the 1940’s to help boys is the Legion’s other major cornerstone. And, as times change, so will

who hadlostfathersinthewar, stirredtheimaginationsofmembers the needs of the Legion’s work to ensure they are met.

Two Minute Silence
One of the things the these words as stated t h e y a r e v e r y and the North West
R o y a l C a n a d i a n mean everything. important words. Territories to share
Legion deems to be “ T h e A c t o f
most paramount, is They shall grow not old, All of the values and Remembrance” and
what we call “The Act as we that are left grow ideals that we have “Two Minutes of
of Remembrance”. old. Age, shall not weary today in our society, Silence” with The
This verse is very them, nor the years were given to us by R o y a l C a n a d i a n
poetic, and all of the condemn. At the going our veterans who Legion Alberta-N-W-
words encompassed down of the sun, and in the fought, and died, for T C o m m a n d o n
in this verse are very morning. We will these principles. November 11, 2012.
self-explanatory. The remember them. We will, Remembrance to us
R o y a l C a n a d i a n remember them. today is only, a Contact Royal Canadian Legion
Legion use these We would wish momentary thing, but Joe Wynne Branch No..51
words to open all everyone who reads for more than 116,000 for information on becoming a part of
meetings. the words, interpret who died, it was a life this great organization.
This verse is part of a them as they wish. time.
larger poem by an B u t p l e a s e
English poet, but understand them, We invite all Alberta 780-723-3455
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