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Candidates speak out at HRH forum

by Adrienne Tait

Students in grades 9 to11 at HRH had the opportunity
to participate in a political forum on October 7.
All Yellowhead riding candidates were invited to
participate but Conservative Jim Eglinski and Liberal
Ryan Maguhn were the only candidates to attend.
Each candidate was permitted an opening and closing
statement and answered a wide variety of questions
from the students.
blind view Maguhn said, “As people face loss of jobs, their homes,
In his opening speech Liberal party candidate Ryan
window trying to pick which bills to pay, which sports to let
their kids go to, if we have a government that is
fashions unwilling to act when we're facing economic crisis then
why do we have government?”
Conservative incumbent MP Jim Eglinski said, Political candidates Jim Eglinski and Ryan Maguhn took time out of their campaign schedules to discuss
“People are talking about change in this election and relevant issues and answer questions at HRH on October 7. photo Adrienne Tait
it's very important to really take a look at that. Do you
July 20 change just because you want a change? No. This is in industry are regulated and checked out by the had members that voted against the party bill that was
going through. The NDP refused to allow their
stakeholders of communities where they going to
not the time. Our conservative government saw
candidates any independence.”
August 10 Canada through the 2008 recession. Our country is happen. We know clean energy, as an advancement of party leaders and why they should be prime minster.
Candidates were also asked their opinions of their
ranked as one of the most outstanding for middle class
the existing energy field, is a multibillion dollar
standards, best country to start a business in, and most
industry. We have the programs in place to allow
August 31 socially progressive; the conservative government has current industry to invest into those sectors and employ media but, “He is a phenomenal economist. He
Eglinski said Harper may seem standoffish in the

more people to develop the local economy.”
continued to lower taxes.”
When asked about the legalization of marijuana for
Both candidates agreed on a number of key issues and
September 21 found common ground on senate reform and medical use only or for the general public Maguhn understands not only Canada's future growth and the
economy and how to grow it and work it but he
accountability, the gun registry as a failed policy, the
understands the world's. He has become, in the last
replied, “We are for legalization but we're talking about
October 12 need to protect the environment without destroying the a full regulatory process.” five years, one of the best and strongest world leaders
out there. He's not afraid to stand up and tell Mr. Putin
economy, and that the current state of the economy and
Eglinski responded to the question and said his party
November 2 job market was the key issue in the riding. is against legalized marijuana, “Except for medical 'get your butt out of Ukraine.' As a person I find him
very approachable and he'll take the time to talk to me.”
Candidates were asked questions on a wide range of
purposes. I was a policeman, and still am at heart, for
Maguhn said he was proud that Trudeau has stayed
November 23 topics from their stance on legalizing marijuana to Bill 35 years. Do we want to put mind stimulants into focused on issues and not attack ads, “I think that
C-24 to the industry's role in the environment.
people and let them go out there and into the
shows real leadership,” said Maguhn, “I want someone
“The environment – we are borrowing it. We have to
workforce? It is not a safe drug. It is addictive and
December 14 HRH student Madison Hall posed a protect it and we need to work with industry and we leads to further addictions but we do realise for medical leading our country who in the face of personal attacks
will stick to the issues. Mr. Eglinski and I disagree on a
needs it does have a role.”
need to assist industry to come up with the best
question to the candidates during the technologies and the best practices to make the Students also asked if the candidates agreed with number of policy issues but we will not get involved in
forum held on October 7. economy work but protect our environment. The everything in their party's platform. that style of politics. We need positive change. We
environment can protect itself but the economy cannot Maguhn said the liberals would ensure continuous need change that is moral and ethical.”
survive without protecting the environment,” said free votes, with the exceptions of issues pertaining to Student Madison Hall said, “It was really surprising
Eglinksi. the charter of rights and freedoms and the elected how they shook hands and ended up being friends in
“It is important to get rid of this notion that we have platform, and would represent the riding. the end instead of being enemies and disagreeing with
to make a choice between the environment and the Eglinski said, “When I got to Ottawa I was very each other.”
economy,” said Maguhn, “It is possible to have both as proud that we weren't silenced. We weren't held back. Hall said she would have liked to hear from all the
long as you use a modicum of common sense and We can speak our minds to the prime minster and the candidates as the conservative and liberal parties often
approach this reasonably. For us it's about creating that cabinet ministers. I am proud to say that the Liberals have similar views while the green party and NDP
third party independent oversight to ensure that projects and the Conservatives were the only two parties that would have seen the same issues in a different light.

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