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Volunteer puts community into action

Games Night at the Edson Public Library.
Community greeting on Main Street? That's evidence of a
And that teenager that offered Thurner the

in Action deeper level of community being built-
by Isabella Sellar Voll community in action - which, thanks to Thurner, is
spilling out into our streets.
Walking down Main Street, a teenager waves to If you know an active volunteer in the
Kevin Thurner as he passes. “See you at games community and would like to see them in the
night?” the teen asks. “See you there.” Thurner spotlight, please contact the Weekly Anchor to
replies. submit their name and contact information.
In fact, you can catch Thurner at the Edson
Public Library every Friday night from 6-8pm
where he volunteers, coordinating the games at the
“Movie and Games Night” program run by the
library. While a family friendly movie plays, Kevin Thurner volunteering at the Library’s movie and
parents can either watch along with their children game night. photo Isabella Sellar Voll
or participate in one of the many board games cooperating or collaborating. I like to promote
happening around the library. One sees groups of cooperative games…to help them learn to work
people playing at different tables - groups which together rather than to be competitive.”
include teenagers, adults and children, mixing This focus on collaboration is also evident in ANNUAL GENERAL
from all different families and playing games Thurner's other volunteer involvement, each
together. Tuesday evening with the Junior Forest Wardens MEETING
“That's community.” Thurner says with an easy program from 6:30-8pm. Last year he became
shrug, heedless of the magnitude of this one of the “Trailblazers” leaders, working with Supporing Choice of People - Edson (SCOPE)
accomplishment in community development children aged 9-12, now including his own is holding its Annual General Meeting
terms. “It's nice to see people getting daughter. October 22 at the Edson Public Library.
together…using the space.” He spends his own time researching the skills to
Thurner, who was raised in Edson, sees be able to pass them on to the children during their Meeting starts at 6 p.m. sharp in the
volunteering as a way to give back to the meetings. Once a month families spend a day in Community Services room.
community that he lives in. He feels it's important nature putting the skills into practice.
because it “makes the community stronger, and “I actually enjoy working with the kids. I didn't Learn more about the organization and what
makes your ties to the community stronger. It gets know that I would,” says Thurner. “Teaching the SCOPE does in the community.
you involved in a way that you wouldn't otherwise kids has also piqued my interest in certain skills
be.” Further, he finds it rewarding. He muses, that I was curious about but have never explored.” All members of the public are welcome.
“People look forward to it. They have fun.” Through his volunteering, Thurner is even
“Kids spend a lot of time on Facebook or building bridges between programs in Edson.
playing video games - interacting but not Many of the teens that participate in Junior Forest For more information call
Wardens also now regularly attend the Movie and


Thursday, October 15

Doors Open at 6:30 p.m.

Forum starts at 7:00 p.m.


Geoffery Besler and Arden Lohner with the Edson Lions Club presented a
cheque in the amount of $2,515 to the Edson Kinettes Club on September 25.
There to accept was Mary-Anne Bittner and Julia Warnock. photo Deanna

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