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'Very real advancements' made with support of Annual Run of Hope

by Deanna Mitchener

A big welcome went to supporters on October 4 for
coming out each year for the Annual Run of Hope.
"We really couldn't do this without all the wonderful
support from everyone,” said one of the organizers,
Charlene Parker.
“This is our 14 year for Run of Hope, and it was the
coldest day so far for our run, but we still got 260
people out and 24 dogs,” said Parker.
The deadline
The deadline “Our totals were a little above last year with just
over $30,000 raised. Money will continue to trickle in
for ads is
for ads is for a few weeks yet. The Boob Tour Comedy Night,
raised close to $16,000 so combined it is a really nice
Tuesday at 5pm IN M amount,” said Parker.
Tuesday at 5pm
“So far in 2015 we have spent $7,334 to help locals
who need support not covered by Alberta Health
prior to
prior to Services. This includes medications costs, oxygen,
medical supplies, accommodations at Sorrentino's
Monday’s Compassion House, and gas and grocery money,” said
“We have corporate sponsors that help us every
publication. year and all of you who come out and make this
happen. A special thanks for all our husbands that we
drag out to set up tables and do all the heavy lifting
for us. They are all very supportive and let us go to all
the meetings we have to get everything organized,” Run of Hope committee members Wanda Desaultels, Donna Conger, Cheri Ladouceur, Charlene Parker,
said Parker. Marie Meropoulis, Dawn Critchley, and Trish Souter. photo Deanna Mitchener
"The money raised here today will be going to the
Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. We targeted it towards the Northwest Territories Chapter so it stays year. From these research projects a very real
around Alberta and used mostly for research,” said advancement has been discovered. A team led by Dr.
Parker. David Brindley at the University of Alberta recently
Catherine O'Neill with the Canadian Breast Cancer discovered that by targeting a particular enzyme it
Foundation, said, "Since 2001 the Edson Run of Hope will decrease tumor growth by 70%. Targeting this
has been bringing together the community of Edson enzyme also stops the spread, called metastasis to
to raise thousands of dollars for breast cancer other parts of the body. Dr. Brindley and his team
research. 14 years is no short period and your efforts have discovered a way to increase the survivor rate,
are by no means average. We cannot thank you and they were only able to do that because of the
enough for your support.” support they receive from you," said O'Neill.
“Because of the efforts from special supporters like "Despite this, breast cancer continues to be the most
you the CBCF was able to invest $3.7 million in common cancer in women worldwide. We are making
breast cancer research over the 2014 and 2015 fiscal a difference, but can't stop now. Thanks for your
continued support," said O'Neill.

Three tips to prevent accidents on the road

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while for help to arrive, especially in poor weather conditions,” says other items based on your driving frequency and the climate where you
Wayne Ross, an insurance and claims expert for Aviva Canada “An drive.
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While there is no limit to what items you can include in your emergency FACEBOOK.COM/RAVENTRUCKACCESSORIES
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