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Sale offer on Rec Complex defeated

continued from front
Curling club with the same terms Community members, including when it was first brought forward should be a decision for the new
continued from front for the most part to be completed curling members and golfers, she thought it was a great council. Since the original offer
prior to the possession date. 2) A attended the special meeting which opportunity for the town, but was presented two things solidified
continued from front
complete renovation of the interior was held at the Legion on although she was still wrestling his views: the first being the
continued from front of the building to better serve the Wednesday evening. Many voiced with the decision, she would vote feedback at the information night
golf and curling clubs. 3) Replace strong opposition to the sale with against because she felt the regarding timing and the second,
the existing roof. 4) Repair the fire reasons varying from lack of time residents had expressed their was receiving the letter of intent
suppression system. 5) Complete to properly consider the sale, to opposition clearly. from the Golf Club. “We have a
and overhaul inspection of all wanting the town to put the Councillor Wilkinson said she letter of intent from the Golf
mechanical systems and repair or Complex on the open market. was also initially in favour of the Course and which I think is a
replace equipment where needed. Other users did not wish to see the sale “as a way to get rid of the fantastic letter of intent,” said
6) Put together fundraising complex sold but preferred it either white elephant.” She since changed Mayor Pasychny.
her mind as residents contacted her
The special meeting was live
remain with the town or be sold to
functions at the facility to benefit
Misadventures the golf and curling club. 7) the Golf Club. and expressed their concerns. streamed on social media so those
Mayor Greg Pasychny said he
who were not able to physically
Councillor Jim Gomukwa said he
Market the facility to attract other
functions that will benefit the had never been in favor of the sale had concerns regarding the sale attend could also watch the
facility and the community such as due to the way in which it was from the beginning, in large part proceedings.
marathons, cycling events etc. 8) presented, as well as the timing, due to the timing, as he believed it
To promote and run an annual believing it would be an injustice
midsummer bonspiel. 9) To work to both the curling and golf clubs.
closely with the curling club to Councillor Gean Chouinard said EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY
help market curling at the grass he was not against selling the
roots level,” read Derricott. building but was against the
The public also learned that in timeline. ACCEPTING
addition to a letter of intent from Councillor Trevor Bevan also
the Golf Club, the Town received a spoke against the sale saying he NEW
second offer to purchase the would prefer to see it go back to
Recreation Complex just that the Golf Course. PATIENTS
afternoon. Councillor Tammy Strang said in our new


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