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Edson Fire Department assists schools with fire drills
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by Deanna Mitchener "The Fire Department answer questions gets out quickly and safely," said Boos.
students may have and they have their fire safety Boos is new this year to Evergreen School.
On October 12 the Edson Fire Department dog come with them. The students like that. They When asked how things have been going so far,
visited Evergreen School. October is Fire Safety also give staff some feedback after the fire drill she said, "So far things are moving smoothly and
Month and the Edson Fire Department has been on what we have done correctly and where we things are going good. I really enjoy all the
students and staff here at Evergreen."
traveling around to all schools. may be able to improve to make sure everyone
Fire Chief Alan Schram, said, "The fire
department crew goes to schools with students
from K-3 and we watch as students leave the
school on their fire drill. We are looking for good
evacuation processes, and timing on how fast
they can get out safely. As well, we are making
sure the administration staff are doing their
sweeps, checking all the rooms to ensure all the
students have made it out, and closing all the
doors behind them. "
"All schools do a good job at getting everyone
out to safety because they all practice their fire
drills shortly after school starts to ensure all
students know the drill and what they need to
do," said Shram.
Before the evacuation during the fire drill,
Evergreen Principle Debra Boos, said, "This is
actually our third fire evacuation here at
Evergreen School. We try to do three right in the
fall so students and staff are well educated in
how to do them and then we spread the drills out Evergreen students took part in a Fire Evacuation
a bit more throughout the school year." on October 12 at 2 p.m. The Edson Fire SPRING SPECIAL ON
Department was there to observe and offer their
expertise. photo Deanna Mitchener RADIUS EDGE DECKING
Edson Fire Hall hosts Open House and BBQ 5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
decking available.
decking available.
Pure Lodgepole Pine.
continued from front Pure Lodgepole Pine.
8’ at $3.54 each;
8’ at $3.54 each;
also gives people a chance to meet the crew. Winter is right around the corner and we want
10’ at $4.43 each;
We are just happy to be able to do it." people to stay safe," said Schram. 10’ at $4.43 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
"Kids and adults can try out our fire The event took place from 5p.m. until 8 p.m. 14’ at $6.93 each
14’ at $6.93 each
extinguisher trainer to have a better idea of how and the hall remained busy with families right up
to use an extinguisher, just in case they ever need until the end of the event. Many agreed it was a
to use one. Our biggest thing is to give back to great way to spend quality time together as a Yellowhead ellowhead 780-723-9525
Wood Products Inc.ood Products Inc.
the community and help them learn safety tips. family and learn more about being fire smart. W
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