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Switching seats results in

impaired charges for two men

A traffic stop in Edson has resulted in the Officer to believe the two occupants had obstructing a peace officer while the other
impaired charges for two men after its alleged switched seats prior to the initial Officer occupant will be facing criminal charges of
they switched seats during the stop. On October contact, and as such an investigation impaired operation of a motor vehicle, impaired
8 , 2016 Edson ITU (Integrated Traffic Unit) commenced in to the other individual. As a operation of a motor vehicle exceeding
conducted a traffic stop with a vehicle on 51 result of that investigation, the other man was 80mg%, obstructing a peace officer and a
street in Edson. also arrested for impaired operation of a motor Traffic Safety Act charge of driving while
The Officer initially went and spoke to the vehicle. Both of the men were brought back to unauthorized. They are both expected to appear
person occupying the driver seat, which led the the detachment to provide samples of their in Edson Provincial Court on November 15,
Officer in to an impaired driving investigation, breath which are alleged to be in excess of the 2016.
believing the person had consumed liquor. The legal limit. Edson RCMP and Edson ITU continue to
Officer then made a demand for a sample of his The initial occupant is expected to face stop and remove impaired drivers from Edson
breath roadside, the result of which led to the criminal charges of impaired care or control of and area roadways. In the past seven days
arrest of the individual. a motor vehicle, impaired care or control of a seven individuals have been charged for
The investigation continued which then led motor vehicle while exceeding 80mg%, and impaired driving related offences. If you
suspect someone is driving while impaired
please note the road, direction of travel, licence
plate and vehicle description and call 911 when
safe to do so. (The names of the Accused will not be released at this
time as the charges have not yet been sworn before the Courts.)
Edson's new

projects will


use of landfill

by Adrienne Tait

As the construction of the new school starts
to take shape in Edson questions regarding the
disposal of building materials and its possible
impact to the already stressed Edson landfill
have surfaced.
Darin Borysko, director of operations for the
Town of Edson, said that to date the only
material being brought to the landfill has been
cover material, or dirt, from the site. “This
material is beneficial as we can use it to cover
our inert material (wood pile) so as it comes in
we are stockpiling it for future use. We have not
had a request to handle any other material as of
yet,” said Borysko.
The construction project is an Alberta
Infrastructure project and as such contractors
are required to divert a minimum of 75% of
the construction waste from the landfill. This
is similar to the requirements that were in
place with the construction of the new
hospital and is designed to help reduce the
government's carbon footprint.
Aileen Machell, Press Secretary to Minister
of Transportation and Minister of
Infrastructure Brian Mason, said, “We are
always working to ensure that we conduct our
business in an environmentally responsible
and sustainable manner. This includes
specifying that all contractors must salvage
and recycle as much as possible in
construction projects.”
While waste sent to the landfill is sorted and
recycled or composted where possible the
contractor plans to repurpose as much as
possible including the sand from the
playground which will be used as bedding for
buried drainage piping and the playground
structure which was disassembled and will be
donated to another organization.
“The health and safety of students, staff and
school occupants is of the utmost priority, and
we can assure that as the school project moves
forward a safe environment will continue to
be provided,” said Machell.
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