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for Kids Times
s UMMER S s CHOOL PAGE 8 THE ANCHOR, MONDAY, OCTOBER 19, 2015 Parkland High School hosts annual Career Day
grade 11's and 12's have a
questions, and find out
Mr. Tews, counsellor at
by Deanna Mitchener
fair bit of time set out
Parkland, said, "This
about different programs
Fun Times held their Annual Career morning we are delighted that they might be because a lot of them are
Parkland High School
considering a lot of
interested in after High
to have 17 different Post
different options and they
Secondary Intuitions, as
Day October 14 with
for Kids
need more time to meet
well the RCMP, and
students from other
"The grades nines and
with the representatives.”
EDSON BOYS & GIRLS s c h o o l s i n c l u d i n g Armed Forces. All of the tens don't have as much number of our grade 12's
“I have met with a large
time to browse and ask
students today along with
Yellowhead Koinonia
questions, as they still
visitors get to meet with
Christian School and
before today and they
CLUB NEWS Holy Redeemer High the representatives from have a couple more years have questions prepared
to plan,” said Tews. “The
the various schools, ask
School attending.
for the careers their
interested in. They are
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada looking for specific
a n s w e r s a n d t h e
ONLY RUNS IF DID YOU KNOW?: representatives here are
experts at their own
The Club has a very popular after-school program!
schools. They know what
Why? First the Club provides a safe bus and walk
system from each school, then provides a healthy is available and required
in terms of courses to get
after school snack and then there is a ton of fun
THEY SEND IN and interesting programming each day! in to certain programs,
making sure they get the
requirements before
KINDERCLUB: For 4.5-5 year olds
What does KinderClub do? Well they have gone heading off to apply,"
said Tews.
AN ARTICLE swimming, bowling, gymnastics, tour of the group of grade 12
Billie-Jo Tobin with a
museum, story time, crafts, baking & much more.
There is still spots available. Kinderclub operates
on non-kindergarten days. Its affordable, only $25 students from Holy
Redeemer High School
per day for the program. were waiting in the
library for their turn to go
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: a r o u n d s e e k i n g
Teen Drop-in program on Friday nights from 6:30 information on Post-
to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16 year Ryan Gray, Chantel Rivard, and Bicki Rogers with ConocoPhillips were at Secondary careers. "We
olds that want to be part of the Club's Parkland High School for their Annual Career Day event held on October 14. walk down here every
programming one night a week. The program will Ryan said, "We are here to answer any questions the students may have year to take part in the
offer a safe, fun and comfortable place for youth to about our company and hopefully get some new younger recruits." Jesse career event. Parkland
get together. Some Teen Night activities: yoga, Meyer a grade 11 student from Parkland High School was being helped with has been great at
extending an invite to us
dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and of course all his questions. photo Deanna Mitchener every year," said Tobin.
THANK YOU: Healthy active school symposium
Enerplus Corporation, Coal Valley Resources,
IUOE Coal Valley Council, Northern Metalic Sales
Ltd, Cornerstone Engineering Ltd, Edson Golf by Morgan Konchakowski – Student Council
Club, RBC AfterSchool Grant president “Parkland
FACEBOOK PAGE: What is healthy? What are healthy habits? How can Perspective”
Please check out and like the Club's Facebook you be part of a healthy community?
page: Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District! These are three of many questions that were asked at A Student View
the Healthy Active School Symposium on October 6 in
OUR WEBSITE: Hinton, Alberta. Students from all over GYPSD, including Parkland,
ranging from grade 4 – 12, took part in this event.
The theme for the event was “Make your Mark” which
A good place to be was focused around the importance of being healthy,
both physically and mentally, and how to make your
723-7240 mark in your schools wellbeing, as well as your own.
The day started off with ice-breakers and introductions which led into a flash mob energizer to
The Lion King theme song. Then we were separated into
our various divisions for the breakout sessions.
Proud Sponsor of the in different ways for each age group.
Each session taught the same idea, what is healthy, but
We then had lunch, which also encompassed free time
Edson Boys & Girls Club for participants to walk around and meet students from
other schools as well as to view various displays based
around ones wellbeing.
After lunch was the second breakout session, this time
focusing on healthy habits. This was taught through
different versions of the game Family Feud. (Left to right) Emily Jensen, Brooke Monroe ,
At the end of the day everyone was asked to reflect on Sam Panchyshan , Javen Lougheed, Avery Pelz,
what they had learned. When I reflect on the day, I Morgan Konchakowski, Triton Toone, Josh Aldof,
learned that positive relationships are a big part of being
healthy. It isn't just focused around being active or and Monique Veseau in a breakout session
eating right. You have to be healthy both physically and during the Healthy Active School Symposium on
mentally. October 6 in Hinton.
Jayden Kazmir is a 13 year old who attends Lenonn Emms is an adorable 3 ½ year old.
Pine Grove Middle School. Jayden says his Lennon enjoys attending the Marlboro
favorite subject is gym class, he enjoys Community Hall for Kounty Kids Play School
staying active. Best food to ever eat is every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon. She
chicken, he could eat it at every meal. likes all the friends she gets to play with at
Jayden has two dogs, and is not particularly school, story time and doing crafts. Her favorite
happy to be going to school, he wishes it color is blue and her favorite food to eat is
was still summer. He is looking forward to apples. Lennon also has a puppy she named
the next school holiday.
Marshall she enjoys spending time with.

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