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VOL. 28, NO. 39
Residents gather for public info

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the past on
Heritage Bus session on Recreation Complex sale Fall Toxic Round Up
Questions regarding property valuation, disclosure, and timing were at forefront of concerns at Recycle Depot...
see pages 16-17

by Adrienne Tait While specifics regarding the identity of the potential buyer as
well as the potential sale price were not, and will not be, released at
SENIORS Area residents gathered at the town administration building on this time Derricott did disclose that the buyer has previous
Tuesday evening to attend an information session regarding the experience and knowledge of running similar facilities.
possible sale of the Recreation Complex. Questions regarding property valuation, disclosure, and timing
Pledges pour Earlier that day county council discussed their views on the were at the forefront of concerns expressed.
in for Seniors possible sale. Council directed administration to write a letter to Derricott said, “The sale of this facility is not building us a new
the Town identifying two main concerns: the short time frame facility. We have tried to be as genuine in that as we possibly could.
Walkathon... allotted for public and stakeholder feedback and that the offer is This is not about generating cash off the sale. We are trying to
below market value. The county contributed maximize the asset but this sale is about the
$506,000 dollars to paving the road and parking operational burden and the significant maintenance
see page 18 lot as well as an annual contribution ranging As public of dollars that need to go into it. We are talking about
from $50,000 to $80,000. property does millions of dollars that we can now put towards a
The same concerns were reiterated throughout multi-use facility. I am very comfortable saying that
SPORTS the information session. not pay taxes, what we would have to put into that facility would at
Town of Edson CAO Mike Derricott led the the property least make the debenture payments, if we needed to
meeting and walked attendees through the had not been take a loan, on whatever type of facility that we want
process to date before answeAring questions to build. The sale itself is only a very small portion
Exciting match including common questions posed to the Town assessed in a of the financial reasons why we are considering
puts Axmen in regarding the sale. number of this.”
Provincials... The Recreation Complex facility was As public property does not pay taxes, the property
developed in the early '80s. The land was years.. had not been assessed in a number of years. “The
donated by the Golf Club for the development Rec Complex had not received a detailed physical
see page 36 of the space. In reviewing the history of the review of the property since at least 1997. We asked
facility Derricott said it is his understanding that moving the our assessor to take a look and bring that up to date,” said Derricott,
curling to the Recreation Complex was a “contentious issue” at the “At which time they suggested a current valuation of $1.99
COUNTY time. The Recreation Society was then created to operate and run million.”
the facility and did so until 2016. The Recreation Society consisted The previous assessment was $3.4 million. “There are quite a
Edson facility of members from the golf club, curling club, and public. The number of deficiencies or challenges with the physical structure,”
study says, maintenance issues and investment dollars needed to address said Derricott. Those deficiencies include the roof, elevator, and
consolidation... issues with the facility became overwhelming for the Society who ice plant; all of which have been disclosed to the buyer.
dissolved and turned the ownership of the facility back to the Town
The zoning of the property, which would remain the same, is
see page 7 in 2016 for $1. The town was then owner and operator. restrictive. Even the golf course is considered a discretionary use
“This is not something we intended. We did not have a for sale and there by permission as it would not be naturally granted.
NEW sign up in the window or anything like that. We were approached “Basically operating the facility as a recreation facility is all a
County Ad... by a private entity that wanted to make an offer on the facility so potential owner can do,” said Derricott, “The general use will not
see pages 9,11,12 that is where this whole process started,” said Derricott. change as a golf and curling club and community events centre.”
The county, golf, and curling clubs were notified and negotiations The Edson Golf Club owns the course itself, which is not included
COMMENT began. The deal was entered into in principle. Included is the in the sale, but concerns were expressed regarding the need for
responsibility of the buyer to honor the remaining four years on the access and the need for Golf Club members and users to have
golf club lease of the pro shop as well as two years' service for the access to the parking lot. One attendee said, “It was originally
curling club. “While we recognize that is not a very long time it donated by the Golf Club and the Golf Club needs that land in order
Indomitable was to give time for those groups to assess what this means moving to operate.”
spirit forward,” said Derricott. The question was asked if any thought had been given to donating
and a desire Calling it the most valid concern he has heard, Derricott the land and facility back to the Golf Club and Curling Club.
to help others... acknowledged that the process is “awkward” and “not common.” Derricott recommended those who wish to see the Golf Club take
The town has retained legal counsel specializing in the sale of the facility over speak with the Golf Club. “Two different times I
municipal facilities in order to ensure that process is done properly have approached the Golf Club and said 'if you want this facility it
see page 6 and without exposing the town to legal action. is all yours' and they will have to make the determination whether
Legal counsel advised that the Town has certain obligations to or not that fits with their plans,” said Derricott, “It is an opportunity
REAL ESTATE protect the third party which is why the specifics of the deal are not for their consideration and they would have to make a decision (1995) LTD.
yet released.
similar to what we are making.”
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