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Joan Zaporosky seeks re-election

to School Board

submitted Joan Zaporosky the middle school students on similar projects. I
wish them the best. The project was run through
Joan Zaporosky seeks re-election to the board The divisions Health and Wellness Committee.
of trustees of GYPSD #77. The Health and Wellness policy was created by
Currently the Vice Chair, elected in 2013, my the present board for the better health and
main interest was to lobby for a new school for wellness of its students and staff. Only programs
A.H. Dakin. It had been on GYPSD's capital plan specific to students are funded under the
for number of years and it was time to hit it wellness grants the Division receives. The
home. Elementary schools received funding for three
I worked for GYPSD for 24 years prior to prior years and the priority last year was High
running in the last election. Soon after I was School Mental Health.
elected the province announced a new Full time Kindergarten is being piloted over the
elementary school project in Edson that would next two years and I'm still hopeful for the NDP's
combine AH Dakin and Evergreen schools. This campaign promise of fully funded kindergarten.
was great news as a complete modernization of I believe in supporting inclusive education and
Grande Cache Community High School had streamlining student transitioning into school,
already been approved while a brand new Jasper through the grades and out of school.
Jr. Sr. High School was nearing completion. A Partnerships with GPRC offer trades training so
complete modernization of Grand Trunk High trades can be taken at
School is next on the Capital plan. shops in local schools.
The improvements to our division are valuable Transportation needs a
to our students and staff wellbeing. Students new funding model, and ELECT FION
have spoken, and they feel 21st century learning rural education needs to
spaces are necessary to improve student learning.
A recent project by PCHS students was be looked after. And a
undertaken at the GYPSD Spring Youth soon to be formed School
Superintendents youth
symposium. Their challenge was to launch game-
changer projects with design thinking. The rules Council will begin this
of engagement were to champion student voices Trusteerustee
today, a growth mindset, and you are not chained Our students are the
or bound to current abilities. Students were most important in all of GYPSDYPSD
walked through the process of submitting their this. We want a system
projects along with a grant application and a that serves the students,
budget. Their projects will be completed this not a system that serves
year. the system. Being a
The Parkland students will be working on a School Board Trustee Voteote
21st Century learning space that reflects student takes lots of time, but the
creativity, improves student learning, enhances work is very gratifying
October 16
collaboration, and facilitates "tech creation and meaningful. A October 16
spaces" more easily. School board Trustee
Hopefully, the Parkland students can mentor must always be the
child's advocate.

Re-Elect David Russell Division 4
Yellowhead County Council

I have served the residents
of Peers, Rosevear, and
Shiningbank Lake for just
over 5 years now. Working
with our Council we have
accomplished some very
significant goals for the
betterment of all in
Yellowhead County, such as
paving collector roads,
building and improving our
fire halls and equipment, completing infrastructure such as
the Peers MultiPlex, and beginning construction of the
Rosevear Bridge. Opening the new Pump tracks throughout
the County was a highlight for me and listening to the
laughter and enjoyment of children and families reaffirmed
for me the role of municipal government.
However, much work remains to be done, such as
completing recreational projects, addressing seniors
housing issues, improving cellular and internet services and
strong representation at upcoming inter-municipal

For an experienced, strong, voice for

Peers, Rosevear and Shiningbank

Vote David Russell for Councillor,

Yellowhead County

on October 16, 2017
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