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Historic Coal Branch featured in scenic tour

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snowed in and not accessible by the coach. historic cemetery well out of reach of the full William 'Flash' Shewchuk. A cinematographer
Fortunately, a welcome lunch of hearty soups size coach. and jack-of-all-trades who crafted the very first
and sandwiches, hosted at the Legion, was So, as clouds gave way to a vivid blue sky, the 3D movie.
waiting in Cadomin. It was catered by local store tour headed towards Hinton and the Luscar site The last stop of the Coal Branch tour was back
owner "Chuck", who according to Spanach, in what would prove an inspiring trade. On the in Robb. A historic hamlet that was spurred into
makes hamburgers and omelets so big you can nearby ridges were herds of elk and mountain existence by the discovery of Minehead and
share them. "I was helping him once and told sheep. And on one ridge, a full grown bull elk Bryan mine sites in 1912. After the closure of
that to two customers. Chuck gave me heck for stood profiled in full majesty with his harem these mines there were enough remaining coal
losing him $7.00." close behind. jobs, as well as fishing, hunting, trapping, and
The heavy snows of the previous day put the As the bus made its way back a movie was forestry for the hamlet to continue.
abandoned town site of Mountain Park and its played on the life of Cadomin filmmaker trades Jack Williams offered some stories on its
history. "On our left is the J & J General Store.
The building was originally built in Mercoal and
operated as Conger's Hardware Store. It was
purchased in 1953 and then operated as Jacoby's
General Store. When the mine closed in Mercoal
the store was moved to Robb. It shut down about
three years ago." On our right is the Brazeau
forest ranger station which served as living
quarters. It was built in the 1930's and moved
here from Coalspur. The locals now refer to it as
the haunted house."
From Robb, the bus travelled back along
Highway 47 headed for home.
It arrived at its final stop and we disembarked
with some reluctance, tired but determined to
return to the rugged allure that is the Coal
If you have never seen this side of the County
then the Heritage Tour is a relaxed and easy way
to experience its raw natural beauty and history
with family and friends.
And if you grew up in the area, there is no
A bull elk stands profiled in full majesty with his harem close behind near the Luscar site during better way to share in some of the familiar stories
Yellowhead County's Heritage Tour on September 22. photo Dan Ivanov and memories of this historic region.

The group of travelers gather after a welcome lunch of hearty soups and sandwiches hosted at the Legion in Cadomin during Yellowhead
County's Heritage Tour on September 22. photo Dana McArthur

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