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Residents gather for public info session on Recreation Complex sale

continued from front
Edson Golf Club member Keith Linford was in attendance, as he has been at all An agreement [with the clubs] has to be agreed upon with the buyer for this to go
through and I think we need to remember that. That is half a million dollars every
council meetings since the potential sale was announced, and said, “You have
continued from front been clear as the process has gone along.” year going towards a new facility. There are going to be speed bumps and it's
going to be rocky, because what isn't when there is change?”
continued from front Edson Golf Club representative Craig Materi was also present and inquired Another asked if the town has given any thought to building a new facility on
about including an extension of the lease in the sale. The potential buyer has
continued from front been in touch with the Golf Club and, according to Materi, initially seems the Recreation Complex site. The answer to which was outlined in both the 2005
Conrad Report and the 2017 WMC report, Derricott said, “Do not ever build any
amendable to a longer lease but Materi raised the concern that after the sale any
continued from front facility out there again. That is the feedback from the reports.”
leverage the Golf Club currently holds is gone. Derricott requested that residents “Unless you want to vote for a significant tax increase we can't do everything.
not put Golf Club members in the position of disclosing confidential information We can't be everything to all people. We've got to do the best we can with what
as it puts both the town and club at risk. resources we have. The professional consultants we have hired have told us a
“The only way this is viable is if the curlers and golf club is out there. I don't multi-sue facility is the best chance we have to answer a lot of the things we are
think that leverage goes away. The buyer does not want to lose his only tenant and dealing with,” said Derricott.
it's a significant source of revenue. He doesn't want to lose golfers, The timeframe between the potential approval of moving
curlers, grads and weddings that is how he is going to make money,” forward with a new facility and the potential sale of the Recreation
said Derricott, “We don't feel that it is the town's position to be “This is a Complex as well as concerns regarding the town's financial
negotiating those long range business deals, we feel it's a private strategic part situation were also raised. With the Hillendale debenture coming
business deal.” off this year, the provincially mandated $17 million waste water
One resident asked, should the golf course assume ownership of of making a system upgrade done the town is finally at a point financially
the facility, if the town would consider subsidizing the Curling multi-use where it has the room to consider moving forward. “The
Club. Derricott said that would be a decision for council but he development and construction of these types of facilities is about
believes they would be “considerate” of such a request. facility a 2.5 to 3 years depending,” said Derricott, “If you remember we
The adjacent RV park is owned by a separate numbered company reality...” have two years built in so honestly we are not that far off. This also
and is also not included in the sale. required the political will of the incoming town and county
One resident asked how a private buyer would be able to “make a councils and I can't guarantee what their perspectives will be. I am
go of it” when the town could not. Derricott said opportunities exist of the opinion that this is all geared toward the development of a
for private entities that public entities won't engage in, “The Town is not getting facility in the short term future. Not some distant far off dream – that is my
involved in selling booze to try to float facilities. Running a restaurant, concert perspective.”
facilities, and things like that to keep their facility afloat is something a private The current council has been moving in the direction of a new multi-use facility
entity might do that the Town will not do.” for some time. “What I can tell you is the current council has actively been
With regards to engaging in a Request for Proposal process town council has moving in that direction. Unless the incoming council comes in and says 'were
the ability to do so if they believe it is the correct response. A traditional sale hopping off that bus' that is the direction we are going. The study we have just
process was not ruled out if other parties expressed serious interest or brought done, the last year we have just spent, was a very important piece in the
forth an offer. development of that type of facility,” said Derricott, “We have already begun that
“This is a very valuable piece of land why aren't we slowing this process down process.”
to look at other options if it comes to selling?” asked one attendee. Another said, In addition to the special meeting on October 11, where council could make the
“You should have put out a request for proposal right at the outset. It is still not final approval if the deal, the Municipal Government At also requires a 60 day
too late to do that.” petition period from the final day of advertising that is part of the process. Those
Derricott said that while the land is valuable for many reasons, including timelines are incorporated into the deal.
sentimental, given the restrictions for use it is believed there is not a lot of value “Council has not made a determination on this, that will happen October 11 at
on the open market. “We would be happy to talk to people who are interested in a special meeting, and everyone is welcome to attend,” said Derricott. The
it. If they are interested in it we would be happy for them to come forward and location of the special meeting is currently set for council chambers but may
tell us, in which case we would absolutely slow the process down as you suggest. change dependent on expected attendance.
I have had at least three conversations with people who expressed initial interest -
if they come forward with proposals or offers that are significant that may 100%
change the outcome of this conversation.”
“Developing a new multi-use facility is certainly one of the goals of the town.
Three, or four, or five hundred thousand dollar investments into the rec complex
deplete our ability to move forward on another multi-use facility,” said Derricott, Sid's Safety
“We know there will be significant operational burden with that as well.”
“This is a strategic part of making a multi-use facility a reality in this
community which we think will serve more of our residents in a better, more & Janitor al
efficient way,” said Derricott, “This is an absolute match with what we have been
told by the consultants with the reports as well as our own internal strategic
In the midst of much criticism over the valuation and quick timeframe one 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
person spoke in favour of the sale and said, “This is change for this community. Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
The Town didn't go looking for someone to sell this building to. And to me in the Email:
next five years if this means that we're getting a multi-purpose facility for our
kids to use in town, then if I don't curl for two years but I am getting a brand new SID’S SAFETY ADS
curling facility, maybe that is something that we have to sacrifice. This buyer is
getting a bad rap but he needs us. He needs us to use that facility. He's not going
to come and piss us all off – we're the town that is going to use it. If he's going to Paper Dispenser - Sept 25 & October 2
make money out there you have to run things, you have to run curling and the golf
course. H is not going to just come in and blow it up, because he needs us to fill it. Construction Sign - October 9 & 16
He needs us to buy tickets to concerts, he needs us to rent it for weddings, he
Interstate Battery - October 23 & 30
needs the schools to rent it for grads, he needs the curlers to use it in the winter.

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