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Edson RCMP lay manslaughter

charge after Carfentanil overdose

On October 21, 2016, C l a n d e s t i n e Edmonton determined
E d s o n R C M P L a b o r a t o r y the deceased had died
responded to a sudden Enforcement and as a result of a
death of 48-year-old Response (CLEAR) carfentanil overdose.
Guy Kennedy** at a team was contacted to E d s o n G e n e r a l
h o t e l i n E d s o n , assist. The hotel room Investigative Section
Alberta. Upon arriving was secured until (GIS) were able to
at the scene, police police with advanced identify who the
believed the deceased safety gear could deceased obtained the
had overdosed, and investigate the scene. counterfeit oxycontin
suspected it was due to Police later confirmed tablets from and on
fentanyl. Several that the tablets were Sept. 22, 2017, Shawn
tablets were also counterfeit oxycontin Taras Prokopchuk**, a
located in the room and and they contained 32 year-old from
powder residue. carfentanil. Calgary, Alberta, was FCSS Family Centre Programmer Dana Tattersoll standing with an
Given the dangers On March 23, 2017, arrested and charged abundance of clothing articles on September 20. "We are happy to be doing a
a s s o c i a t e d w i t h the Office of the Chief w i t h t r a f f i c k i n g clothing exchange here at the Family Centre and it will run for two weeks. The
fentanyl, the RCMP’s Medical Examiner in c a r f e n t a n i l , a n d idea is for families to bring in their gently used clothing items they no longer
manslaughter. need, for youngsters. Anyone in need of these items is welcome to take them
home. In October the Centre will also be doing a book swap with the same
He was remanded idea. Families are encouraged to bring in books they no longer want or need
into custody and will and in return take a different book home. In November we are going to do a toy
b e a p p e a r i n g i n swap." photo Deanna Mitchener
Whitecourt Provincial
Court on Sept. 26, 2017 Edson RCMP investigate
Carfentanil is an
Furnace & Water Heater analog of the synthetic damage to Vision Park
o p i o i d a n a l g e s i c
Repairs & Replacements fentanyl, and is one of RCMP in Edson are school, at which time “It's not just the
Financing Available OAC the most potent opioids investigating after police attended to physical damage, but it
vehicles were located investigate.
also pulls staff off of
known. It is listed
780-728-4584 under Schedule I of the causing damage to the As a result of the other projects to do the
Town of Edson Vision investigation, two repairs, and causes Controlled Drugs and Park. y o u t h h a v e b e e n potential closures to the
Substances Act. It has a
Conveniently located to serve quantitative potency On September 21, arrested and charged ball diamonds.”
Edson, Niton Junction, 100 times that of 2017 RCMP were with mischief under Edson RCMP believe
alerted by Town of $5,000. One of the other persons are
Wildwood, Evansburg, fentanyl whereby a Edson employees to y o u t h f a c e s a n involved and are
minute dose of as little
Mayerthorpe, Entwistle as 20 micrograms multiple vehicles that additional charge of c o n t i n u i n g t o
would be fatal to an were located stunting in b r e a c h i n g a n investigate. Anyone
average human. There Vision Park. The undertaking. The cost with knowledge of this
vehicles were found to of the damage has yet to occurrence is asked to
Summers Drilling
Summers Drilling i s n o k n o w n be doing donuts on the be determined, but is contact Edson RCMP at
application where
Water Well Drilling carfentanil would be grassy areas of the park, believed to be under (780) 723-8800, or
Water Well Drilling
leaving a wake of $5,000.
C r i m e S t o p p e r s
safe for human use.
All illegal drugs are damage to the turf. Edson Director of anonymously at 1-800-
not tested and do not Those vehicles left after Community Services 222-8477 or online at
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, m e e t a n y s a f e t y being discovered, and Jim Desautels says the http://www.crimestopp
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
Summers Drilling specializes in water well standards. Products are believed to have damage may not seem
been tracked to a local like a lot, but it adds up.
drilling and water well repairs.
drilling and water well repairs. manufactured illegally
from substances such
Municipal Election time...
as carfentanil can lead Municipal Election time...
to serious personal
injuries, and in this
case death.
As this matter is now
before the courts no
further information
4405 50 street
4405 50 street 780-963-1282 will be provided.
Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB
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