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T he Weekly ANCHOR


Indomitable spirit

and desire to help

In last week's that willed the run
From the
issue of the Publisher’s Desk back into existence
Weekly Anchor Dana McArthur through
we had a very determination and a
moving story by desire to see Terry's
our writer, Deanna Mitchener, dream continue here in Edson.
on the Terry Fox Run in Edson Our second tip of the hat is for
and some of the participants all the courageous people, like
whose lives have been forever Prince Subanda and Denise
changed by cancer. Gauchier in our story, whose lives
Well, this year's run in Edson has been changed by cancer, but
was almost cancelled for lack still inspires those around them
with their indomitable spirits and
Riding Update: of a local organizer. So, this a desire to help others. Letter to the Editor Policy
week we are pleased to tip our
hats —thrice. Our third tip of the hat is for all The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to the editor
One for Andrea Longman the participants who joined in the All letters are published at the discretion of the editor-
Open Letter: who stepped up as the Terry Fox Run and helped raise publisher who reserves the right to edit for clarity, length
and libel. Letters published do not necessarily reflect the
organizer, not only for this $4000 for cancer research. policies or beliefs of this newspaper. All letters must bear
year, but the foreseeable years It is this kind of community the name of the writer and include the address and
to come. It was Longman and spirit that will keep Terry's dream telephone number, which will not be published.
her small group of volunteers for a cure alive and well in Edson.

Standing Up For Firearm Owners

Eric Rosendahl
On September 21st, Jim Eglinski, 47 would require all individuals and
Member of Parliament for Yellowhead, Jim Eglinski merchants importing a firearm to obtain a
took part in debate on Bill C-47, An Act to brokering permit, and require that all
My amend the Export and Import Permits Act MP Yellowhead documentation pertaining to the acquisition
ViewPoint and the Criminal Code. of an import permit, certificate, or

by Adrienne Tait The bill would officially bring Canada allocation be retained for a period of six
into line with the UN Arms Trade Treaty, years.
also known as the ATT. The purpose of the the high standards that Canada already “. . . the Liberal government did not
treaty is to regulate the international trade applied to its export control regime.” consult with lawful gun owners. It is
of arms to prevent illegal transfers of arms The previous Conservative Government ramming [this bill] through, and shoving it
that fuel conflict, encourage terrorism, and refused to sign the treaty because of the down the throats of Canadians without
support organized crime. negative impacts it would have on proper consultation. That I cannot stand
“Canada already implements and Canadian gun owners. Former Prime for. I will stand up for the lawful gun
complies with the vast majority of the Minister Stephen Harper requested that the owners in my riding and across Canada
treaty's obligations,” stated MP Eglinski in UN remove citizens from the language of who are law-abiding citizens,” concluded
the House of Commons. “. . . The treaty the treaty, but the UN refused. MP Eglinski.
was designed to bring other countries up to For Canada to accede to the ATT, Bill C-

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