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Rock concert morning at Vanier school

by Adrienne Tait
rock group that consists In addition to the teachers. Graeme used Students at Vanier had students to participate in
of brothers Graeme and “RAWK camps” Speed to teacher Kindergarten the opportunity to learn the writing of a new
Vanier staff and J o d y P e t e r s a n d Control has a “Rags to while Jody was an from the musicians as school rock anthem
students started their drummer Ian March. RAWK” program they elementary school music they visited each class. which was performed at
Thursday morning off T h e t r i o h a v e bring to elementary, teacher. The trio encouraged the end of the day.
with bang on October 9. dedicated themselves to middle, and high schools
The day started with a bringing music back into across the country. The
rock concert by the band schools and fostering
Speed Control. c h i l d r e n ' s m u s i c p e r f o r m a n c e a n d
subsequent workshop
Performing rock education with their
classics through the ages “RAWK camps.” These explores the history of
rock n’ roll from 1898 to
the band covered camps, in partnership present day.
everything from Paul with Yamaha Canada, The trio has been
Anka to the Barenaked have allowed Speed together as a band for the
Ladies, Rush, and the Control to visit remote past four years. The
Tragically Hip and even c o m m u n i t i e s a n d choice to bring music to
had a “name that tune” introduce kids to schools is somewhat of a
competition during their instruments they may natural fit for the
morning rock concert. never have otherwise
Speed Control is a brothers, both of whom
had the chance to play. are elementary school

To help get into the spirit of Speed Control's RAWK camp staff and students
were encouraged to “dress like a rock star.” From left to right are school
secretary Sherri Ramme, principal Betty Churchill, and students Jayda
Eichhorn, Kaedence Blue, Halle Schutz, Haley Squire, and Allie Ulrich.
Photo: Adrienne Tait

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