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More needs to be done...

The opioid crisis in The legislation would also
From the
Alberta continues to Publisher’s Desk allow 12 year old children
escalate. And Edson and Dana McArthur to possess four grams of
area have not been marijuana.
immune to the The College of Family
influences these powerful prescription Physicians of Canada has even issued a
drugs that have become so readily statement on Health Canada's proposed
available as street drugs. changes to medical marijuana regulations
The recent sudden death of a 48-year- stating, "Smoked cannabis poses serious
old in Edson added to the hundreds of risks, particularly in young people. These
Albertans who have already died this risks include psychosis, cannabis addiction,
year from opioid overdoses. This was depression, poor school or work
not the first opioid related death in the performance, motor vehicle accidents, and
area but this time it was counterfeit neuro-developmental effects in children of
oxycontin containing carfentanil that pregnant cannabis smokers..."
caused the death of the local man. The Federal Liberal government has
The synthetic opioid carfentanil is one talked about spending $9.6 million over five
of the most potent opioids known and years across Canada to educate youth on Letter to the Editor Policy
even 20 micrograms would be fatal to a marijuana risks —a pathetic $1 million per The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters to
Riding Update: human. province in comparison to the estimated $5 the editor
While the province has some detox billion illegal drug trade in Alberta alone. All letters are published at the discretion
treatment available in the cities, much Of course, preventing opioid addiction is a of the editor-publisher who reserves the

Open Letter: more needs to be done to address this much bigger problem that also must begin right to edit for clarity, length and libel.
crisis across the entire province.
with education. And there needs to be a
Concerns are also being raised great deal more money and resources put in Letters published do not necessarily
reflect the policies or beliefs of this
place —particularly for youth.
regarding Trudeau's impending new
Misadventures marijuana regulations legalizing its use sense legislation, education, mental health, newspaper. All letters must bear the name
Putting a greater emphasis on common
of the writer and include the address and
at age18. With criticism of it being a
gateway drug, there is growing and law enforcement resources would go a telephone number, which will not be
concerns regarding its potential impact long way to reducing the number of published.
on the already escalating opioid crisis. Albertans who fall victim to opioids.

MLA Call for Proposals – Supporting Women

Eric Rosendahl

In recognition of October as Women's History The second call for proposals is entitled
Month, MP Eglinski, Member of Parliament for Jim Eglinski Addressing Indigenous Women's Economic
Yellowhead, is encouraging organizations to apply Security and Prosperity. It invites project proposals
My for funding to support the economic security of MP Yellowhead from Indigenous organizations that will support the
ViewPoint women in the riding. economic security and prosperity of Indigenous
Status of Women Canada has issued two new
women. Projects selected will involve the
by Adrienne Tait calls for proposals that will award funding to collaboration of the organizations, women, their
organizations for projects that address institutional communities, and the private sector.
barriers that limit women's economic security. These barriers could include issues such as the The goal is to build on the strengths of
Projects at the national level can receive up to accessibility of childcare, the wage gap, and pay Indigenous women, identify opportunities for their
$500,000 in funding, and projects at the regional inequity. The deadline to apply is November 27, economic success, and address issues limiting these
level can receive up to $350,000 in funding. 2017. opportunities. The projects should also expand
The first call for proposals is entitled Support for Increasing Private Sector Leadership and community understanding of these issues, and take
Women's Economic Security. It will fund projects Investments in Women - urges organizations to actions to implement the identified solutions. The
under two themes: partner with the private sector to work together to deadline to apply is January 11, 2018.
Building Partnerships to Address Systemic implement solutions that advance women's “Supporting women's economic security is
Barriers - encourages collaboration between economic security. Through these partnerships, the essential to building a better future and benefits
organizations to address the systemic barriers that private sector can play a leading role in helping everyone. I encourage all eligible organizations in
prevent women from attaining economic security. advance gender equality. The deadline to apply is Yellowhead to apply,” concluded MP Eglinski.
January 11, 2018.

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