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MLA Eric Rosendahl meets

with Yellowhead County council

Concerns expressed included linear tax

by Adrienne Tait linear tax. The majority “ T h e r e a r e
of the county's linear tax infrastructure issues
During the county's base comes from t h r o u g h o u t t h e
committee of the whole pipelines. p r o v i n c e .
Councillor Shawn
blind view meeting on October 20 Berry said, “One of our Infrastructure is in a
huge deficit and we are
West Yellowhead MLA
window Eric Rosendahl stopped most important issues is trying to balance that.
I t ' s a p r o b l e m . ”
linear tax. We shared
in to listen to the
Rosendahl said with the
fashions council's concerns and that with our neighbors lack of finances and the
but I am concerned that
learn what the council
believes to be priorities with your government oil and commodity
for its citizens. that might be impacted. prices where they are,
Rosendahl did not Is the linear tax a the province will have
July 20 h a v e a n o f f i c i a l conversation you're to make some difficult
going to have when you
presentation but rather
Other issues raised
August 10 requested the time be l o o k a t f u n d i n g included the mountain
spent getting to know
Rosendahl said, “That
August 31 the county councillors is a huge issue. The pine beetle devastation,
funding for water and
and the concerns they
September 21 would like to see Alberta province is wastewater projects, the
proposed highway 16
looking at issues with
brought forth to the
October 12 provincial government. linear taxation. It's an interchanges, bridge
program funding, and
issue throughout the
Rosendahl has an
November 2 Summers Drilling W extensive background province. It has been lack of clear direction
Summers Drilling Water Well Drillingater Well Drilling
from the government.
mentioned several
i n e n v i r o n m e n t a l
times.” However, at the
The provincial budget
November 23 Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water a d v o c a c y, u n i o n time of the meeting is scheduled to be
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, Summers
representation, and the
Drilling specializes in water well drilling and water
released on October 27.
Rosendahl was unsure
forestry industry. As
December 14 well repairs. such councillor Jack of what direction the concerted effort to be
MA Rosendahl, in a
well repairs.
province would take.
Williams expressed
concerns that have been Mayor Gerald Soroka accessible to riding
brought to his attention said, “If you remove residents, will be
regarding the large size that from the rural side opening satellite offices
of cut blocks in the area what are you going to in Edson, Grande
and effects burning the give us back? In our Cache, and Jasper.
“enormous piles” of county you would Office personnel are
brush would have on air essentially cut our available daily at his
4405 50 streeteet
4405 50 str 780-963-1282 quality. budget in half.” Hinton head office from THIS WEEK’S FEATURE
10 a.m. until 2 p.m. and
CAO Jack Ramme
It is an issue that is not
Stony Plain, AB www new to the MLA as he said, “More than that will be available in
Stony Plain, AB
h a d p r e v i o u s l y you would bankrupt Edson on the second
advocated for change to us.” and fourth Tuesdays of Mint Homes Ltd.
Rosendahl said, “They
t h e p r o v i n c i a l assure me they are the month with the
exception of December
THE WEEKLY ANCHOR time, with that Alberta aware of the issue at a n d p o s s i b l y t h e
regulations. “At that

summer months.
hand. Our bottom line
government, I thought
You can reach the
is we will be looking at
I'd solved that to a
Custom T-Shirts! certain extent until they something.” ridings main office by
calling toll free 1-800-
I n f r a s t r u c t u r e
changes practices,” said
A d i D n yone Say... Rosendahl, “This issue concerns were also
$19.95 including T-Shirt & Transfer is not going to be sitting raised. Rosendahl said,
discounts available well with us. I'm not
sure what approach I'm
will be brought to the
minister.” (780)-723-3351
Another major area of 2011 GMC CANYON SIE011 GMC CANYON SIE
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