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Celebrating the s UMMER

success of our students Fun for Kids

What an amazing turnout for our awards night Friday October 10 .
There was a buzz of excitement in the air as we prepared for the Live Different treated students at Pine Grove Middle School to a
presentation on October 21. Robert DeRoche (center), teacher is seen here
acknowledgement of the 289 award recipients. with Live Different presenters and kids are the panel of judges.
Students received recognition in the following areas: top subject award,
Live different at
top honor roll, highest overall honors. Scholarships were given to many
grade twelve students as well.
We are so proud of the dedication and determination that our students
possess, they make their education matter. Celebrating with family, Pine Grove Middle School
friends and teachers made this night memorable. Celebrating with food
provided by the PCHS - CTS (Career and Technology Studies) team submitted Niagara Falls based From heartbreaking
blues-rock band The accounts of loss and
topped it all off! On October 21 students Kerouacs, the Live struggle to a comedic
at Pine Grove Middle Different team strives to segment entitled “Live
School were treated to a encourage students to Different's Top model”,
presentation by an d e f y p e r c e i v e d wherein Pine Grove
organization called Live limitations, connect with teacher Robert DeRoche
Different. The event that the people that surround had the opportunity to
could be described as them, and engage in strut his stuff before a
inspiring, captivating, causes that inspire them. panel of student judges,
a n d t r u e t o t h e Many in the Edson the intended messages
organization's name community are familiar resounded clearly. Be
–more than a little with Live Different yourself. Be kind.
different. Builds, formerly called E s c h e w m i n d l e s s
Live Different's core “Hero Holiday”, where consumerism and refuse
principal is one that is volunteers raise funds to to be defined by what
easy to connect with: travel and engage in you own. Value the
things don't matter, humanitarian projects in people around you.
people matter. s e r v i c e o f t h e Involve yourself in the
Using a combination of impoverished. Creative causes that speak to you.
Kennedy Claridge Ryan Halterman Katlyn McKenna multimedia elements, strategies for generating What better ideals can
top grade 9 honors top grade 11 Michelle Carlson engaging speakers, and enthusiasm are Live we hope to instill in our
(missing Aiden Sloan) honors Memorial Award the musical stylings of Different's specialty. young people?
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