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THESE DATES petty crime

in Edson area

blind view Edson RCMP have made arrests in the

numerous petty crimes occurring in the Edson
window area. Over the past three weeks Edson RCMP
have seen an increase in reported petty crimes
including mischief to property, thefts under
fashions $5,000 including from motor vehicles and theft
of mail. Edson RCMP undertook initiatives in
response to these crimes including late night
bicycle patrols.
As a result of these initiatives, four
individuals including one youth have been
arrested. They have been charged with various
January 4, January 25 crimes including mischief, theft, being in
possession of property obtained by crime,
February 15 trespassing at night and failing to comply with Curtis Brinker at the Edson Community Gardens with a group of students from A.H. Dakin School
conditions. All are set to appear in Edson
recently. Curtis is a professional forester and talked with students about nine different trees planted
Provincial Court at later dates.
around the community garden. Later students were asked questions about what they were taught and
"We were aware the impact these crimes everyone that got a right answer got bn their names in a draw to win some prizes. photo Deanna
March 7, 28 were having on the community," states Mitchener
Constable Alex Ayres of the Edson RCMP
Detachment, "we want to reassure the EVENT
April 18 community that these crimes should always be REMINDER
reported to Police so that they can be
investigated in order to hold those responsible
May 9, 30 accountable." Edson Fire Hall
Police would like to remind citizens to
is holding an
ensure that their property is kept locked and
Open House on
June 20 secure and that valuables are never left in a from 5-8 p.m as
October 11
vehicle, especially in plain view. If you are the
victim of a crime or witness a petty crime,
please contact the Edson RCMP Detachment at part of Fire
July 11 (780) 723-8800, or if it is a crime in progress, Prevention
please call 911.
Week. Join
August 1, 22 Off-highway them for a free
BBQ and
vehicle collision
Sept. 12 On September 24th, 2016 at approximately

October 3, 24 7:00 PM Edson RCMP received a complaint of
an off-highway vehicle collision on the Crick’s
Creek road. Police, Fire and EMS responded to
November 14 the collision scene where a man was located
deceased as a result of the collision.
One man was arrested at the scene in relation
to this incident. A RCMP Collision Analyst
December 5, 26? was contacted and attended the scene to assist
with the investigation. The deceased is
believed to have been a pedestrian on the
roadway at the time.
"The consequences for operating off-highway
vehicles while impaired are the same as any
other motor vehicle," states Acting Corporal
Karen Brideau. "Edson RCMP will continue to
conduct pro-active patrols on rural roadways to
ensure the safety of the public."
Edson RCMP have laid charges in this
investigation. Addison SHELTON of
Yellowhead County has been charged with two
counts under Section 255 of the Criminal Code
being impaired operation of a motor vehicle
causing death and impaired operation of a
motor vehicle exceeding 80mg% causing
death. Mr. SHELTON has been released to
appear in Edson Provincial Court on October
4th, 2016.
This same date there was a Poker Rally held
by the local ATV Association. Police were in
attendance at that event and this collision and
persons involved are not related to that event.
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