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County celebrates 50 years of FCSS in province

Mikaela Kuefler applying for it,” explains Robinson. connect people with services and resources that
Some other program information was readily can help them solve their problems and
Family Community Support Services (FCSS) of available, such as the Home Support Program, the challenges,” outlines Robinson.
Yellowhead County held their first tea to celebrate Rural Women's Conference in Carrot Creek and FCSS plans on hosting several more teas around
50 years of FCSS in Alberta, on September 21 at the Income Tax Program (a volunteer tax program the Yellowhead County. On October 5 they will be
Marlboro Hall. for low income individuals). at the Wildwood Hall from 3:00-5:00 pm and the
FCSS is dedicated to the strengthening and "Our intention is to try and prevent people from Evansburg Heritage House from 7:00-8:30 pm.
enhancing of family and community life by needing more expensive interventions. We're Then on October 12 they will be in Niton
offering locally based preventative and supportive supporting people and finding services and Community Hall from 3:00-5:00 pm and the Peers
services, promoting volunteerism, and supports, so people can support themselves. We Multiplex from 7:00-8:30 pm.
coordinating partnerships within the community. don't solve people's problems but we try and
Founded in 1966 as Preventative Social Services
(PSS) only a dozen or so communities had the
program. By 1981 the name was changed to FCSS
and began emphasising more community decision
making. It soon grew from an organization with
no staff and no permanent office into a province-
wide group of local FCSS initiatives that serve
almost every community in Alberta.
Yellowhead County FCSS saw the tea events as
an opportunity to discuss programs with all the
blind view major communities they serve. It's also an
opportunity to touch base with members of the
communities and get feedback about FCSS
window programs.
While there was not a large turnout of Marlboro
residents those who attended were greeted with a
table of refreshments.
fashions programs during the tea events. Some grants
FCSS hopes to promote various grants and
include the Neighbour Link Grants and the
Special Projects Grant.
The Neighbour Link Grant can be applied by
people who want to host a block party for their
neighbours. “There's less theft and vandalism in
January 4, January 25 communities that are well connected with each
other. We want to encourage people to get to know
their neighbours,” states FCSS Supervisor, Wendy
February 15 Robinson. photo Mikaela Kuefler
The Special Projects Grant is for short term
projects that have a preventative social support
function. “We have limited staff and resources but
March 7, 28 if a group in the community wanted to do Kristina Kovacsics, Emma Longmore, and Oillian Kovacsics check out the tea provided by
something themselves, we could supply funds for
them. We want people to take advantage of the
Yellowhead County Family Community Support Services at Marlboro Hall on September 21.
April 18 grant, to know about it and to feel comfortable The tea events celebrate 50 years of FCSS in Alberta and 42 years in Yellowhead County.

May 9, 30 Wildwood Ag Society plans comedy show Blind View
awarded. Coffee and cake will be available
submitted by Carol Riehl
The Wildwood and District Agricultural at 6:30 p.m. and awards will begin at 7:00 Window Fashions
June 20 Society's Annual Fair has come and gone. p.m.
The comedy magic show will follow the
What an amazing and successful day it was.
We are now planning for our awards night. awards. Adults 18 & over will pay a small
July 11 We have a different format this year; there admission and all children are free. There Custom Window Treatments
will be some door prizes to be won. The
will not be a banquet. There will not be a
since 1988
large vegetable contest will also be
supper but rather an Awards Night and
August 1, 29 Comedy Magic Show on Saturday, October happening. Sounds like a fun packed 780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember
15 at the Wildwood Community Hall.
evening. Come on out and enjoy this family
event. Hope to see you there.
Prize money and special prizes will be
Sept. 12 780.542.0898

October 3, 24 EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY This is Oscar. He is a very lovable 3-4
month old. He is litter trained, doesn’t
seem to mind dogs and gets along
November 14 NEW with other cats after the introductions.
He has just had his cast removed
from having a broken leg, currently
December 5, 26? in our new there is just an elastic bandage to help
with the muscles. He is part of our
foster to adopt program.

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