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Day Care kids

excited for

new playground

by Deanna Mitchener

Construction was underway at the Day Care
Society of Edson on October 24 making room for
bigger and better playground equipment and a
double car garage for storage.
Joan Olsen, with the Day Care, said, "We need Programs Manager for the Day Care Society Joan Olsen stands on an open space leveled out for
lots of storage as we need to keep changing our the Day Care's new garage that will be used for extra storage of toys. photo Deanna Mitchener
toys out based on the season, based on children's
needs, and what they want. The same with the logs that are interchangeable that children can use where environments form connections," said Olsen.
"Loose parts is an environment that will empower
Friendship Centre as they are in need of some extra their imagination with. Also a sandbox for an creativity and helping to inspire imagination on
imagination station with removable stations that
storage too."
"Having the garage for storage will allow for can be moved in and out to change the theme, their own terms and in their own unique way.
Loose parts are materials that can be moved,
rather than having a permanent structure. A
freeing up space in the centres and out from under permanent structure limits the kind of space that carried, combined, redesigned, lined up or taken EDSON BOYS & GIRLS
our back deck," said Joan. apart and put back together in multiple ways. It can
"We will be changing the playground up a bit you can use for any other kind of activity," said CLUB NEWS
adding more natural play space and greenery for Olsen. be used alone or combined with other materials Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
within the child's direction of play."
"The playground will have some more natural
privacy, such as planting some plum trees and "We will have some raised planters to make A GOOD PLACE TO BE
bushes. Back in the 80's they were called surroundings like a large rock giving kids the gardens with the children and they can watch items Santa Claus Parade
opportunity to sit and feel the texture. Children
Adventure Playgrounds, now the thinking is going For the second year in a row, the annual Santa
back to nature and providing those types of areas need to be in touch with natural formations from grow. It is exciting to know we are moving Claus Parade will be ending at the Boys & Girls
forward. The children have been watching the
for children to play where they can decide nature," said Joan. construction from the windows so it will be nice for Club! Join us for holiday festivities after the parade!
"Once the garage is build Dirt Works will put in
themselves what to play with and what they can Stay tuned for more details!
build," said Joan. some cement areas for different sections to be used. them to watch all the changes as they happen," said Afterschool Program and Non Student Days
The new term is called Loose Parts Playground
"It will have a $10,000 system of different shaped As part of the afterschool program, the Boys &
Girls Club of Edson & District offers a homework
program, where children can work on their
GYPSD proposal approved for Classroom Improvement Funding homework with the assistance of a staff member.
Children are provided with the time, resources, and
staff support to complete their homework or
Grande Yellowhead Public School Division is province's $75 million classroom improvement developed a survey to assess teachers' wants and practice new skills. The club has numerous books
the children can read each day.
pleased to have received approval for their fund. needs that was sent to division principals in August. The afterschool program is $100 per month for
Classroom Improvement Funding (CIF) proposal as As a member of the division's CIF Committee, Murray continued. “Three clear areas of focus came one child and $90 per month for additional children
in the family. The homework program is included in
part of the province's central agreement reached Chief Deputy Superintendent Ewen Murray from the survey: new or augmented professional the cost for the afterschool program!
with the Alberta Teachers' Association in May of believes that the approved proposal will greatly development opportunities in local communities; The club is also open on non-student days from
2017. support teacher efficacy when dealing with maker space/digital library resources and new 8am-6pm. The cost for these days is $35 per day.
School boards and teachers have until December challenges in their classroom. “Our project centers equipment/ tools to support self-regulation Join us for fun adventures and activities!
Please stop by the club or call 780 723 7240 to
15, 2017 to submit their proposals for the fund and around professional development (PD) as the strategies in sensory rooms.” register your child!
all the money must be spent by the end of the 2017- committee felt that providing augmented PD, along Almost 80% of the funds, approx.$475,000, will
18 school year. GYPSD submitted their proposal with maker spaces and sensory room materials and go towards new materials or non-capital equipment Great Futures Start Here!
after their CIF committee, comprised of resources, will have the greatest impact in our for individual schools, with the balance for in-house
management, trustee and teacher representatives, schools, and for our students.” teacher professional development initiatives. The 723-7240
collaborated to develop the parameters around the The committee formally met to review the grant province will be paying the CIF grant funding in
$594,000 grant which is the division's share of the proposal and process on June 22, 2017, and equal monthly instalments beginning October 2017 Proud Sponsor of the
and ending August 2018.

Wildwood School, New People! New Spaces! New Programs! Edson Boys & Girls Club
Wildwood School welcomes a new that grade. Today, the giant amount of grades. Outdoor education as a junior students with three trips happening by ANCHOR
principal this year, Mr. Mike Gray. square footage with a carpeted floor high option is back at Wildwood mid month: Pembina Valley Hiking W
Former principal, Mr. Daniel Seitz, has formerly known as the library has School. Teachers have also expanded Day, History of Metis Day at Tipple
retired and we thank him for his many become a performing arts based field trip opportunities for their Museum and a Camp WARWA trip. 5040 3rd Avenue 780-723-5787
years of dedicated service. Mike Gray, room. In fact students are currently
an educator with a special education undergoing the process of holding a
background, has been a classroom vote to officially rename the room to
teacher and administrator for a match it's new purpose. A big thank- KIDS MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
combined thirty years. Mr. Gray has you goes out to everyone who pitched
expressed his intent to be constantly in to help move huge amounts of Lacey Kennedy-Ahlf is 16 years old and is in grade 11 at
visible in the school and states, “My excess furniture. Holy Redeemer High School. Lacey says "English is my
door is always open!” Mrs. Shannon Kolotyluk, new to favorite subject, it has been my strongest subject all
Many of the school's physical junior high, has spearheaded the through school. I always get good marks and it's my
spaces have been transformed! Drop creation of The Maker Lab, a shared passion. I hope to pursue a career in Language Arts,
by the school if you are curious to see space with an emphasis on working as an online editor or an English Teacher in High
the changes. Extra effort went into implementing science and technolo- School. I enjoy reading, drawing, singing and playing
making each classroom ready for an gy. The new Maker Lab exists where guitar and piano. If I could travel any where, I think I would
exciting year of learning. For the old computer lab was. Stand alone like to go to Japan. I am very interested in their culture.
example, the look of what was computers have been replaced by por- Grilled cheese sandwiches are my favorite thing to eat."
formerly known as the library has table laptops that students can use
completely changed. Where schools anywhere so the expansive counters Kids Make A Difference is sponsored by:
were once known to have a central that used to hold computer
library in their building, individual workstations are now clear and Sand & Gravel Sales/Hauling
classrooms now house their own perfect for doing science,
books, often numbering in the hun- construction or art projects. Fine Arts Quality Work
dreds, and the books are tailored to programming, especially music and
the reading levels of the students of singing, has increased in the higher Serving Edson & District Since 1974
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