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s CHOOL PCHS students perform

s UMMER Times quality tests on local waters

Fun for Kids students spent the day testing the water quality of together effectively. They need to clearly divide
On October 4, 70 grade nine to eleven Parkland person to effectively do by themselves.
To complete the task, students need to work
two local lakes plus the McLeod River. Two
grade 9 classes and one Biology 20 class took
the project. Students do kick net studies to
part in the trip. “We try to get the students out to up their labor, or they won't be able to complete
do a field study like this once each semester. The collect indicator organisms. They do titrations to
students really enjoy the chance to do hands-on determine nitrate and phosphate levels and they
science,” according to PCHS biology 20 teacher use digital probe ware to determine dissolved
Kevin Andersen. oxygen content and pH.
The students in Biology 20 measured the Studies like this are important because students
dissolved oxygen, the nitrates, the phosphates can establish a baseline for the health of these
and the pH of Bear Lake, Long Lake and the bodies of water. Nitrogen and phosphorous
McLeod River. Grade 9 students measured levels were low this year but if they change, they EDSON BOYS & GIRLS
temperature and pH but centered their efforts on can be reported to local authorities. Dissolved
Parkland Composite High School Students analyzing the biological diversity of the lakes by oxygen levels were high but if they drop, this CLUB NEWS
may indicate pollution or another. PCHS plans to
Anika Kiland, Kassidy Bush, Trevor Smigelski looking at indicator organisms. Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada
test the water for one of their science projects The projects that students completed are continue to study these bodies of water for years A GOOD PLACE TO BE
on October 4 challenging and are usually too big for one to come.
Teen Program Night
Friday Nights from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.
Students learn about harmful effects of tobacco This program is offered to 12-16-year
old’s in a safe and fun environment. The
program is free and we offer one snack a
by Deanna Mitchener trigger chrohn's disease, rheumatoid arthritis, and type two diabetes. night.
"There are 5,000 different chemicals in a cigarette," Randall said, while Kinder Club
Pine Grove Middle School had a presentation on tobacco and its harmful she had students take turns pulling different chemicals out of a large The Boys and Girls Club offers Kinder
effects on the body. cigarette box in front of their peers. Some of the chemicals students pulled Club programming on all non-
Teacher Lauren Koma, organized the presentation and asked Bonnie out were weed killer, nicotine, tar, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and kindergarten days. The program is
Randall, an AADAC tobacco reduction counsellor, to come in and speak arsenic. offered 8:00am to 3:00pm (with the
with students. opportunity to join the After-School
"It’s good giving students awareness of the harmful chemicals and how Program from 3:00pm-6:00pm). Please
they affect our bodies. We’re bringing that education right into the call the Club for more information 780-
classrooms so they can make healthy choices in the future," said Randall. 723-7240.
Koma said, "The tobacco presentation has been here for the past 11 years.
It is a very interactive program where the students get fully engaged and After School Program
leave with a lot of information. It is a real eye-opener for the students." We are still accepting registration for
Students learned how cigarette smoke affects the body and the wide 2016-2017 after school program. Call,
variety of cancers it causes, including nose, mouth, esophagus, lungs, liver, or stop by the Club for more information
and stomach cancer. or to register.
They also learned that smoking affects the autoimmune system and can
Parkland Composite High School Student
Joshua Ness tests the water during a quality Proud Sponsor of the
water test project for his science class on
Edson Boys & Girls Club
October 4.

The eekly

Pine Grove Middle School students from Lauren Koma's grade six 5040 3rd Avenue 780-723-5787
class took part in a presentation on tobacco and its harmful effect.
photo Deanna Mitchener


November 1 & 2

Rural Women's Conference November 1 at Anselmo Hall and Carrot Creek
Hall on November 2. There is room for four more women to attend this
conference. Please contact Janice at the Evansburg arena 780-727-4340.

Hunter L'Hirondelle is seven years old. Hunter goes to the
Evergreen School and says "the best part about going to school Gracie Baker is 10 years old. Gracie said "I go to the Evergreen
is being able to play on tablets. I want to be a Baseball Player School and I'm in grade five. My favorite subject in school is Social
Studies, I would like to be a Zoo Keeper when I'm done school. I
when I'm all grown up and done school." When asked what his have four siblings some older and some younger than me. I enjoy
favorite color was Hunter said "Blue Jays" His favorite color is
blue, he like to eat spaghetti when ever he can and play outside playing all sports but basketball is my favorite one. This past summer
with his friends. I got to go to New Brunswick and that was so much fun.”

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