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OPEN TO I t is with great excitement that FACTORY...

Sydney Fogarty as the Myserious
Person (eleventh show),
Holy Redeemer can now announce
that as of Tuesday, November 1,
(3 show), and Mackenzie Simmons
tickets for their production of MaddyKinzie as Mrs. Beauregarde
as a Reporter (fifth show). In
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
LUCKY will go on sale to public. winning Assistant Stage
addition to this, multiple award-
“We are always in shock at how
ManagersAlyna Miller and David
fast our plays sell out,” says Drama
Olchowy will take part in
Teacher Peter Taylor. “And after
theirfourth and seventh productions
the shows are sold out, we usually
have a very long waiting list. The
Designer Emma Laurin will take
students always get excited about at HRH, and award winning Sound
part in her fifth show.
FEW! a record of over 55 grade 7-12 many newcomers who will be
As with any production, there are
The production, which will feature
making their Holy Redeemer
students takes to the stage in one of
debuts: Katie Blue, Rhett Bourque,
the most anticipated plays HRH has
Alexa Bodner, Ashley Byers, Rena
ever produced. “Everyone is
excited to see how we will stage
Francis, Rory Hellekson, Bree
everything,” says Taylor. “The cast Fakhreddine, Ella Felsing, Jake
and crew has been workiang Heward, Ireland Hockett,
CrishaJabagat, Alexis LaPierre,
SENIOR SECRET SANTAA extremely hard to not disappoint Lauren Leslie, Samantha Perrow,
Tanya Mainville, Anya Moffat, Zoe
The production is set to run
Seniors? Alone for Christmas? Please join us fromNovember 30 to December 3 Schwitz, Emily Sorensen, and Ethan
Seniors? Alone for Christmas? Please join us
for a Christmas Celebration.
for a Christmas Celebration. at the Red Brick, with nightly Toner.
“It's very exciting that there is a lot
performances at 7:00 pm as well as
two matinee performances at 10:30 of new students within our
am and 2:00 pm on the 3 . Tickets program,” says Taylor. “I know
are $10. On top of these shows, the each and every one of them is very
cast and crew will perform four excited to be making their debut,
more shows for students from and we hope this is first of many
Please contact us! Judy Whitnack at Vanier, Pine Grove, Parkland and plays to come.”
Please contact us! Judy Whitnack at
And finally, there has been great
Westhaven. An estimated audience
780-723-1274 or
780-723-1274 or of 1500 people will be attending the excitement around what the set will
Ashley McLeod at 780-723-1586
Ashley McLeod at 780-723-1586 four-day run. look like. “Our Art Department,
combined with our Industrial Arts
As per tradition, there is a strong
before November 10, 2016 mix of new and old actors within program, have been working around
before November 10, 2016
the clock to make this set one to
(deadline has been extended) the play. Grade 12 student Ethan remember,” says Taylor.
(deadline has been extended)
Handford, who is playing Willy
Wonka, will be taking part in his And if past plays are any
Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at In Y fifth show at HRH. “It's very cool to indication, audiences will not be
Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at In Your Drawers our Drawers
or The Weekly Anchor office or give us a call.eekly Anchor office or give us a call. be playing such an iconic disappointed.
or The W
character,” says Handford. “I only Call 780-723-7437 for tickets and
hope I do actor Gene Wilder proud.” information.
Refreshments and gifts will be available at the efreshments and gifts will be available at the Wilder is famed for playing Wonka If you would like more information
Pioneer Cabin on December 18 from 1-4 pm.
Pioneer Cabin on December 18 from 1-4 pm. in the 1971 classic film Willy Wonka on this article please feel free to
and the Chocolate Factory. Wilder contact the school at 780-723-7437,
Gift wrapping will take place at In Your Drawers passed away in August. visit our website at
November 20 between 12 pm and 4 pm Other veteran grade 12 students holyredeemerhigh.
include award-winning actress
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