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Edson Playschool gets to explore a real Fire Truck
by Deanna Mitchener difference,” says Hunter. this year. "I couldn't be doing anything better than
Currently, Edson has around 40 personnel in the volunteering today with the department and I
The Edson Fire Department had one of their Fire department and are getting a few more volunteers. couldn't ask for a better group of guys to be around.
Trucks parked at the Galloway Museum and Travel “We are starting to get more female volunteers Everyone on the team is great."
Centre on October 20 for the Edson Playschool which is really great. They are a little more
children to come and explore. nurturing than us guys and can share their SPRING SPECIAL ON
The kids had the opportunity to climb inside and compassion with those affected by a fire,” says
check the gear and equipment. Hunter. RADIUS EDGE DECKING
Fire Department volunteer, Cody Hunter, says, During the school tours, fire fighters talked about
5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
“October is Fire Safety Month so we have been proper exits, staying with the group, and about 5/4”x5” pressure treated, radius edge
decking available.
going around to the schools to remind everyone that knowing the meeting spot. “A head count is a big decking available.
Pure Lodgepole Pine.
fire alarm batteries should be changed at least twice thing for us. If I have to go in and look for someone Pure Lodgepole Pine.
a year. They should be checked every month that's not in there, I'm endangering myself," says 8’ at $3.54 each;
8’ at $3.54 each;
because that's your first line of defense.” Hunter. 10’ at $4.43 each;
10’ at $4.43 each;
Edson's Fire Department has two full time "If we can get the kids at a young age doing these 12’ at $5.94 each;
12’ at $5.94 each;
employees including the Fire Chief and the Deputy drills on a regular basis, year after year, they grow 14’ at $6.93 each
14’ at $6.93 each
Fire Chief. The rest of the firefighters are up with it and it sticks with them," states Hunter.
volunteers. “It is a great feeling to do things for our Volunteer fire fighter Jaclyn Bergesen has been
community and to know you are making a with the Edson Fire Department since August of Yellowhead ellowhead 780-723-9525
Wood Products Inc.ood Products Inc.
County suspends Rosevear Ferry
continued from front EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY
between July 1 until September 15. the speed reduction to part of the road.
One of the biggest problems with the Traffic counts on the roadway
dredging process is that there is a huge indicate 90 traffic movements a day ACCEPTING
boulder in the way. The only way to going west and 60 traffic movements
dredge would be to blast the boulder going east. NEW
out, at a large expense. The county noted that County
The issue of being unable to Enforcement Services and PATIENTS
guarantee compensation for the administration supported the current
contractor was also discussed. This speed limit. They also noted that, since in our new
means there would be no guarantee to the first reading, administration has
be able to keep staff and maintain their received signed letters from the area's location
contract. A new agreement would have residents to support the speed
to be made in order to operate if and reduction for the entire road. 5020 6th Ave.
when possible. Any financial concerns are minimal
When the county awarded the since the county has signs in inventory 780-723-5221
tender, there was no guarantee that the and that labour to install signs will be
ferry would be operational. the only expense.
The recommendation that the ferry Councillor Williams supported the For an appointment please call
should be suspended also focussed on decision to go to the third reading and Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm
the fact that the new bridge is under said, “Being that every resident on that
construction and is supposed to be road supports it as well, I think it's a
finished by the fall of 2017. good move to listen to our residents.”
It was noted that financially, the
The council unanimously voted to
SENIOR SECRET SANT ferry is funded 100% by the province move the item for a third reading. Sid's Safety
but the county was unsure if the The Agricultural Services Bursary
province would cover the cost of was also on the agenda in order to
Seniors? Alone for Christmas? Please join us
Seniors? Alone for Christmas? Please join us paying for a contractor on standby. award two $500 bursaries annually & Janitor al
Yellowhead County Mayor Gerald
for a Christmas Celebration. Soroka noted that Yellowhead County from the reserve established from the
for a Christmas Celebration.
funds generated by the 2007 ASB
may not be taxed for the ferry's Tour. This reserve amount has
services but people are paying $22,000, giving the County the means
provincial taxes. “It's still taxpayers to grant the bursary. 5928 - 3rd Avenue, Edson, Alberta T7E 1R8
dollars at work here,” says Soroka. Selection of applicants was based on Phone: (780) 723-6575 Fax: (780) 723-6567
Councillor Williams supported the residency in Yellowhead County and
suspension and said, “It may be an acceptance in a post secondary Email:
inconvenience but the expense of educational institution. Applicants
having to dredge the channel and the should be enrolled in a Bachelor of
uncertainty of the water level can be a Science in Agriculture or Breathing Air Equipment
great expense for nothing. People do Environmental Sciences, Pre-
without that service for many months professional (pre-med or pre-vet),
of the year. I don't think that an Diploma in Agriculture from a Sales, Service & Rentals
additional couple of months is going recognized school of Agriculture, or a
to make a big difference.” Degree or Diploma directly related to
Councillor Russell added, “Not agriculture from a recognized college
having the ferry is a significant or university. Students should have
inconvenience for people in the some academic achievement,
Please contact us! Judy Whitnack at
Please contact us! Judy Whitnack at summer months.” Russell further agriculture background, and
780-723-1274 or spoke about people who have community and social participation.
780-723-1274 or
agriculture operations on both sides of
This year, the Agricultural Services
Ashley McLeod at 780-723-1586 the river. There are others who go Board reviewed the applicants to be
Ashley McLeod at 780-723-1586
back and forth, that do not do so in
before November 10, 2016
before November 10, 2016 winter months. He stated that the recommended to council. The
applicants reviewed were Nicole
(deadline has been extended) obstacles are formidable and he was Fossheim, who is currently attending
(deadline has been extended)
not sure that they could justify the
her first year at Lakeland College in
cost. He added that, if for some reason Agribusiness, and Courtney Stanley,
Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at In Your Drawers the bridge did not go ahead in the fall, who is in her second year at the
Unwrapped gifts can be dropped off at In Your Drawers
or The Weekly Anchor office or give us a call. that would leave residents without a University of Alberta in Bachelor of
or The Weekly Anchor office or give us a call.
ferry for three consecutive years. Science Agricultural.
Council voted unanimously on Council voted unanimously that the
Refreshments and gifts will be available at the
Refreshments and gifts will be available at the suspending the ferry for 2017. two applicants receive the Agricultural
Pioneer Cabin on December 18 from 1-4 pm.
Pioneer Cabin on December 18 from 1-4 pm. Bylaw 16.16, the Bickerdike Road Services Bursary of $500 each in For After Hours Service call
speed reduction, came up for its 2016.
second reading with the Council has also agreed to purchase
Gift wrapping will take place at In Your Drawers recommendation to amend the speed land in Wildwood to be used for future 780-517-6575
November 20 between 12 pm and 4 pm from 80 km/HR to 60 km/HR for the community service operations.
whole road. Previous readings covered
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