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Diabetes Awareness Month:

Diabetes is single

largest cause of blindness

submitted vision, or blotches or spots in
vision. Most patients have no
November is Diabetes Awareness symptoms at all in its early stages,
Month and Dr. Meagan Hawkshaw making the importance of regular
at In Focus Eye Care wants to visits with an optometrist so
remind people of the importance of important.
routine eye exams. If diabetic retinopathy becomes
If diabetes is not well controlled, advanced enough, treatment
it can cause weak and leaky blood includes a referral to a retinal article to go with
vessels throughout the whole body. specialist who will perform
The eye is the only place in the injections into the eye or laser
body that doctors can see the blood therapy to slow or stop the bleeding
vessels without cutting it open. If in the back of the eye. There is not Yellowhead County Community Services Director Christopher Read and
Optometrists look close enough, always a guarantee of reversing the Councillor Jack Williams holding the Municipal Heritage Preservation infocus eye care ad
they can see the blood pulsing vision changes with treatment. That Award the County recently received.
through the veins in the back of the is why early detection is so
eye. important. County receives Municipal
If optometrists see broken blood Here are some steps that you can
vessels or swelling in the back of take to catch and prevent the
the eye, the concern is that other progression of diabetic retinopathy Heritage Preservation Award
body parts, like your heart, kidney, and other dangerous changes in
liver, or lungs may also be affected. your eyes: Mikaela Kuefler protection, and promotion of historic
They will need to alert your medical - See an optometrist for a dilated places.
doctor as soon as possible to have eye examination at least once a year The Yellowhead County Council “It is a great accolade and we're
them do further testing. to monitor changes in your eyes. announced that they were the really proud of the hard work that
This bleeding of the eye is called - See your physician regularly and recipient for the Municipal Heritage the Heritage Advisory Board has
“diabetic retinopathy” and it is the follow instructions about diet, Preservation Award of October 25 at done,” says Director of Community
most common cause of blindness in exercise and medication. the Edson Yellowhead County office. Services for Yellowhead County
people under the age of 65 and the - Maintain optimal blood glucose This plaque was presented for the Christopher Read.
single largest cause of blindness in levels, blood pressure, and blood county's work for developing the Recently, the county celebrated the
Canada. cholesterol. Municipal Heritage Program, which historical schools program which
Some symptoms that may occur - Be aware of the factors that was approved only recently by displays signs to show where some
historical schools are. The program
because of diabetic retinopathy are increase your risk such as smoking, council. has also assisted residents to
blurred vision, flashes of light in the high blood pressure, drinking The award was presented from the designate their historic property and
field of vision, sudden loss of alcohol, and pregnancy. Alberta Historical Resources
Foundation for the identification, apply for provincial funding.

November is Edson Senior’s

DIABETES Transportation

Society is available
AWARENESS MONTH! for private bookings

Diabetes is one of the
leading causes of for the holiday

blindness in adults. season.

Lets get all your
Yearly dilated eye exams Lets get all your
employees home safely
by an optometrist employees home safely
monitor for diabetic
from their Christmas
retinopathy, macular from their Christmas
swelling, cataracts, and parties.
glaucoma. Dr. Meagan Hawkshaw

Contact In Focus Eye Care
Contact In Focus Eye Care
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TO BOOK YOUR EYE EXAM For info on booking and
rates please call Sam at
WITH DR. MEAGAN HAWKSHAW! rates please call Sam at
780-723-2700 780-728-0442.

Just a reminder that

5015 4 Avenue
780-723-2700 Trivia Night will be
Open Monday March 11, 2017. Applications
to Friday
9 am to 5 pm will be ready in January.
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