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The Holy Redeemer Drama
Department is busy preparing it’s
next main stage production, “Robin
ONLY RUNS IF Hood”, that will be presented from
December 2 to 5. Pictured are some
members of the cast who are ready
to take on some major roles. (Left to
THEY SEND IN right) Sam Hockett, Tamara Everett,
Quinn Larder, Jillian Austman and
Jaryd Taylor.
AN ARTICLE photo submitted

EDSON BOYS & GIRLS Specific Speech & Language Tips Yoga offered to Parkland School members

Ms. Kim Jacklin, a
During Daily Activities
CLUB NEWS 1. While getting dressed, make sure you are teacher at Parkland “Parkland was a good way to
encourage healthier
face to face with your child. When you see School, has been offering Perspective” lifestyles within the
Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada something that she/he is interested in (button, free yoga classes to school. "My goal is to
DID YOU KNOW?: The Club has a very popular after-school zipper, picture) comment on it with interest. anyone within the school A Student View promote a healthier school
program! Why? First the Club provides a safe bus and walk 2. Have your child help unpack the grocery community includes staff, community," says Jacklin.
system from each school, then provides a healthy after students, and parents since
school snack and then there is a ton of fun and interesting bags. Encourage conversation by asking September 22. Yoga has many benefits
programming each day! what food items they like best. Keep the such as relieving stress, improving mood, as well as
conversation going back and forth 5 times. Ms. Jacklin is in the process of becoming a improving posture and flexibility.
KINDERCLUB: What does KinderClub do? Well they have certified yoga instructor and is hoping to complete
gone swimming, bowling, gymnastics, tour of the museum, 3. Let your child help weed in the garden with Classes are held every Monday and Wednesday
story time, crafts, baking, horseback riding…& much more. you. Talk about new words such as soil and certification by the end of December. from 4 to 5 pm at PCHS for school community
Registration is open for the upcoming school year. roots. Explain what they are and let them Being the 'school health champion', on behalf of
Kinderclub operates on non-kindergarten days (3 times a feel them. Talk about what the soil and roots members.
week in September, 2 in October and once a week the rest feel like. PCHS for the GYPSD, Ms. Jacklin found that this
of the year). Its affordable $25 per day for the program.
4. Talk about what you did during the day in
TEEN PROGRAM NIGHT: Teen Drop-in program on Thursday order when tucking them in for bed.
nights from 6:30 to 8:30pm. This program is offered to 13-16
year olds that want to be part of the Club's programming 5. When your child is in the bathtub filled with
one night a week. The program will offer a safe, fun and bubbles, wait for them to say or do
comfortable place for youth to get together. Some Teen something, then comment. For example, if
Night activities: yoga, dodgeball, air-hockey, floor hockey and they splashed you could say “that was a BIG
of course food.
FAMILY FUN RAFFLE: A CHANCE TO WIN A FAMILY Children learn how to talk by engaging in lots of fun
DISNEYLAND TRIP: Tickets are selling for $10 each and you play and conversations with the important people in
can buy yours at Jensen's Lifestyle Clothing store, Just their lives.
Frame it and The Boys and Girls Club at 5414 6 Ave. Last
year our raffle almost sold out so get your tickets today! Recognition from Early Childhood Matters goes
Draw date August 31, 2015 out to Edson Public Library for having story
time, giving away free books during the Chamber
JAMBOREE Burger Booth Fundraiser: 2015. This is one of the of Commerce Side Walk Jamboree.
Edson Club's successful annual fundraisers! A BIG THANK
YOU! Castle Rentals and Welding Supplies, Boisvert Law Visit our facebook page - Early Childhood Matters
group, Coubrough's Independent Grocery, Helmig Fire or email us at
Equipment Inc, Integra Tire, Sobeys, Boston Pizza. Also a to share
BIG THANK YOU to the many volunteers that helped to cook ideas. photo Deanna Mitchener
and serve the delicious burgers!
Free yoga classes are being held for members of Parkland School.
FACEBOOK PAGE: Please check out and like the Club's
Facebook page: Boys and Girls Club of Edson and District!

A good place to be Logan Kilbreath is 15 years old and in grade 10 at Leah Goertzen is 14 years old and attends grade 10 at

723-7240 Parkland Composite High School. She said, “I really Parkland Composite High School. Leah says, “My favorite
enjoy General Psychology class that I am taking. It
subjects right now are English and Photography, because teaches you about the brain and why people do the they are both very creative.” Leah enjoys playing the
things they do, certain habits that show how they can
piano when she has spare time. For Thanksgiving the
be connected to how they were raised or brought up. plan is to go over to her grandparents place, that is a
I find the class interesting. I also like to read a lot.
Proud Sponsor of the When I’m done school I want to get into something regular tradition the family likes to take part in. Leah is
kept busy working at Coubrough’s Independent Grocer’s
along the lines of a therapist, something to do with
Edson Boys & Girls Club therapy. I like talking with people and trying to help in the bakery department.
them, so I feel it is something I would enjoy doing. I
think this year we are having Thanksgiving at our
house, usually it’s at our grandparents.”

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