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October 5-11, 2014

Q & A with Battalion Captain Stephen Lamoureux

when working at a motor vehicle accident. It was also alarms, motor vehicle incidents, medical calls and
rewarding to see the appreciation of the people that we rescue calls.
had helped.
You are training and mentoring the newer
Have there been many changes or advancements firefighters. Could you please tell me a bit about
in gear or protocol since you first joined the the program and your role in it?
department? If so, could you give some examples While with the Edson Fire Department I developed
please? a probationary Firefighter training program in order to
When I first started in Edson every firefighter had a train new firefighters to a standard where they could
kit bag containing a fire helmet to protect your head be safely active at an incident. This program includes
and keep the water and debris from going down the training modules in standard operating guidelines,
back of your coat, boots that were long enough to roll equipment, hydrants, ladders, hose, nozzles and self
up to your mid-thigh or higher, wool mitts that allowed contained breathing apparatus. Each of these
you to hold the fire hose in cold weather, and fire coat modules includes a written and practical examination
that went down to below your knees. These kit bags that the Probationary Firefighter must pass before
were carried on the fire truck and the firefighter would he/she is allowed to actively work in these particular
Captain Stephen Lamoureux get dressed when you arrived at the scene (usually in a areas. The timeline for the completion of these
private vehicle). There were occasions that this did modules is 26 weeks to 50 weeks.
By Adrienne Tait not happen until after we knocked the fire down and
Stephen Lamoureux, Battalion Captain, Edson and started the overhaul. Today our firefighters are very If you could offer one piece of advice to someone
District Fire Department, has been a firefighter for 47 safety conscious, have very good personal protective wishing to volunteer or start a career as firefighter
years first with the Evansburg Fire Department and equipment and all of them get dressed before being what would it be?
later with the Edson Fire Department. assigned to a position on the fire apparatus at the If I could offer one piece of advice to someone
During his career as a firefighter Steve saw many firehall. wanting to join the fire department it would be to be
changes in the equipment and gear used. From Firefighting equipment has also changed and is prepared to commit yourself to training to learn the
getting dressed at the scene to the safety conscious much more efficient than it was when I first started. trade and to helping others in time of emergency at
practices of today the gear both on the men and on the When I joined the Evansburg Fire Department we had any time of the day or night.
equipment has evolved to be more efficient. one truck with a fire pump mounted in the center of the
truck. This truck and pump was built by the local
Could you please provide a couple of your
What about being a firefighter appealed to you? blacksmith/welder. It worked well for the time and favorite safety or fire prevention tips?
What was the most rewarding aspect of the job? was the pride of the department. When I joined the Seeing as how this is fire prevention week I would
When I first joined it was because I liked to help Edson Fire Department the main pumper was a 1952 just like to pass on a few safety tips. Smoke Detectors
people and also because it was an opportunity to learn Chevrolet and another pumper was provided by save lives, don't forget to change the batteries every
something new and belong to an important group in Municipal Affairs to cover the Hamlet of Glenwood. six months. Every sleeping-room in your house has
the community. In later years when I started to train These also worked well and were adequate for the two exits, the doorway and the window. Have a plan
others I discovered that I could pass on my knowledge times. The capabilities of equipment and firefighters on how to get out in a fire emergency and have a
to others successfully. It was rewarding to see the has certainly changed and we now have ten units and meeting point outside after you are out. Discuss and
firefighters, new and old, accept the information and forty one firefighters working out of the Edson fire practice with your family what needs to be done when
use it when working on a call to a fire in a structure or hall and we respond to structure fires, forest fires,
there is an emergency in your home.

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