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Jacqui Currie running Slow Moving Agricultural Equipment to Share the Road

for seat on Edson County residents are travel at fast speeds. work completed—we with them. Remember:
urged to be considerate Our hard working local thank you for your w e a l l s h a r e t h e
Town Council of farmers whose farm producers have a limited patience and attention r e s p o n s i b i l i t y o f
vehicles rely on local window to get their when sharing the road keeping our roadways
roadways during the safe.
harvest season.
Yellowhead County
would like to remind Vote
residents that local
farmers are currently JANET
harvesting their crops
before the start of the WILKINSON
winter season. This for Town Council
means that a high
v o l u m e o f f a r m on October 16
equipment will be
travelling along our 780-723-4949
local roadways.
We ask that you please
be cautious when you
see farm equipment on
the road and respect that
large equipment is
difficult to maneuver,
has limited visibility and
blind spots, and cannot
Jacqui Currie Wilkinson, Janet

submitted by Jacqui Currie

I am happy and excited to be running for
Edson Town Council in the municipal election.
I moved to Edson in 2012 to take a position
with Alberta Health Services and I can truly say
that in the past five years I have fallen in love with
the community and I am honoured to call Edson
my home.
As an educator and as a health promotion
coordinator, I truly believe that community
engagement, volunteerism, and participation in
events are what create a strong, connected
community. This connection is what draws people
to a town and keeps them in the community for a
To do my part in strengthening the Town of
Edson I volunteer and participate in many
community groups. I am an active member of the
Edson Youth Interagency, I was one of the original
members of the Early Childhood Matters
Coalition, and I have been a board member of the
Yellowhead Emergency Shelter for the past five
years. Additionally, I was on the Edson
Community Service Board for two years before
the board was dissolved.
My time as a board member with the
Community Service Board is what ignited my
desire and interest to become a town councillor.
This board gave me the opportunity to engage
with the community, talk with decision-makers
and vote on community projects. I loved the
process of asking community members questions,
listening to their ideas and suggestions, and then
relaying the information back to the board and
town employees.
If I am elected, I would consider it my
responsibility to be the voice of all community
members during town council meetings. I think I
can do this best by focusing on three main
1. Increasing community engagement to ensure
that the voice of the community plays a role in
decision making and planning.
2. Promoting transparency and clear
communication between Town Council and
community members.
3. Advocating for a community growth plan
that provides clear information and facts around
budget, tax increases, user fees and accessibility.
If you any question about my goals or
intentions as an elected official I would love to
hear from you. Additionally, please reach out and
share with me what you would like to see your
town council focus on in the next four year. I can
be reached on social media, through email at or by phone at
(780) 712-6100.
Thank you and I look forward to the
opportunity to represent and serve the Town of
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