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Dallas Haywood running for County Mayor Division 4 Councillor - Yellowhead County
Division 4 Councillor - Yellowhead County

s u b m i t t e d D a l l a s providing the best sewer their own. I want to facilitate - Proven strong leadership skills
Haywood and water services we can change in this condition. focused on the future
and the sooner the better. Landowner rights are being
I grew up in the County, We could afford these violated. This must end. I - Committed to the position
in Edson, leaving to attend improvements now by favor an audit of the Land - Accountability
the U of A. where I studied discontinuing the pursuit of Use Bylaw and some other - Accountable to the constituents
Physical Education and being the next small internet policies and by-laws that do - Strong working ethic within a
psychology. Later I left provider service to bite the not serve us.
Alberta to pursue a film dust. Internet and cellular Our seniors need more team concept
c a r e e r i n B C a n d can't be classed with other support. Besides the long - Accurate representation of the
California. I have also “utilities.” We do not have term planning for more Municipality’s needs
m a n a g e d t o u r i s m the expertise nor the deep housing, I want to see more
businesses in B.C. I later pockets needed to compete focus on improving the - Will service to maintain the
resettled in this area with in this always rapidly- quality of life in seniors' Constituents and
my late husband Joe. I took changing field. We should homes. Municipality’s best interests
a partial break from career i n s t e a d b e c r e a t i n g Helping to create a tightly-
advancement to perform advantageous relations with knit community in spite of
elder care and so am established partners. Open the miles between us in the I may be contacted at
considered knowledgeable government that considers next four years is my goal. 780-712-0772 or 693-2222
about seniors' care and diverse views will prevent We can do anything
concerns. more wasted funds on together, whether it is
From my elder-care p o o r l y e x p l a i n e d maintaining a first-class As a councillor, I will work for and listen to the ideas and concerns of our rural
experience, I created expenditures that do not system of roads for residents to ensure that their lifestyle is protected. Property rights, development of
“ H e a l t h y S e n i o r advance our quality of life. ourselves as well as the hamlets, farms, ranches and acreages deserve strong representation. Consideration
Bootcamp,” a cutting edge I am the Yellowhead visitors we expect, or taking must be given to industrial development and how it impacts the rural way of life.
self care fitness and representative and a our place on the world stage
nutrition program for founder of Ratepayer as a must go there Constituents throughout Yellowhead County have approached me and discussed their
s e n i o r s a n d e l d e r - Rights Recovery Action destination, Whatever concerns. Many have expressed a need for change within council. Through
caregivers, guaranteed to Alliance of Alberta, a direction we collectively discussion it has been brought to my attention that Yellowhead County undervalues
increase independence and province wide organization decide is best for all of us, its municipal partnerships. Fiscal responsibility and management of project spending
the number of quality dedicated to needed reforms we can achieve it with our needs review.
years at home. This will i n t h e M u n i c i p a l winning combination of
soon be available to the Government Act. We h u m a n a n d n a t u r a l
public. currently have 12 member resources. Yellowhead: It's For the past 3 years I have worked for Alberta Agriculture and Forestry during the fire
I am in agriculture, own municipalities. My work in all here! season. With this position I have travelled extensively through the region and have a
and train horses for agility helping to start this group Contact me with questions clear overview of the roads and industrial activities throughout the county.
and to do tricks for use in was the result of many or comments at 780-280-
social media campaigns disturbingly adverse 0 0 0 3 o r a t Previous public service includes 30 years RCMP and 6 years Division 4 councillor
and for equine therapy. experiences with our own yellowheadcitizens@gmail. including 2 years in the roll as deputy mayor and 1 year vice chair of District #3
I currently serve as g o v e r n m e n t . T h i s com. On Oct. 16, please vote composed of 13 surrounding counties.
Director of Riel Cousins involvement has helped me for New Leadership for a
Metis Circle Society, a understand from activists in New Era. Visit my [Social I have the energy, background, and leadership skills to provide strong representation
think tank that does social other municipalities, the Media] Page: Dallas to Yellowhead County.
policy analysis, audits and things that could be Haywood for Mayor. (See
recommendations. improved on here as well, ad/pic pg 15)
The New Era we are starting with better
entering is one where communications with
Yellowhead County residents. I plan on helping
distinguishes itself, takes to create a more receptive Re-elect
control of its destiny and attitude in the council. I
where we make this the learned what is and isn't Continue to
best place to live that it allowed by governments, Gean implement a capital
could be. rightly and wrongly. I project plan to
A partial plan for learned we aren't the only develop a multi-
preventing our area from municipality with strong functional facility.
becoming the rust belt of internal dysfunctions. I saw Chouinard
Canada consists of firsthand the cracks in the Fiscal responsibility
diversifying our industries, MGA that are allowing when implementing
resulting in a more stable issues like we have here to new projects
economy. This can be done continue. Our group made For Town Continue to lobby
by establishing our area in 150 plus recommendations Alberta government
tourism along with Edson that are needed to rebalance for traffic lights, for
and Hinton, our neighbour the legislation to even begin Councillor pedestrian safety,
municipalities, with whom to be fair to rural Albertans. crossing Highway 16.
we should always be I also learned what we do
pulling together for mutual differently and better than October 16 Address essential
benefits. We have a head other municipalities that are needs to support
start in our aims, as there is also after tourists and future growth, while
quite a bit of tourist activity residents. Many rural areas Phone: remaining fiscally
in the County already. We are all after the same pie. We responsible.
need only continue to build need to stand out from them. 780-712-1139 Continue to support
on what is already being I have become through
done. these initiatives, familiar the growth of
We have one of the with the ways of different Email: business through
lowest growth rates in the levels of government, and positive partnerships
Province. Tourism will am confident I can work co- geanchouinard within our town and
naturally lead to increased operatively with all of them county.
residential growth. This f o r t h e b e n e f i t o f Facebook Page: Continue to support
means a healthy and ready Yellowhead residents. Edson Public Library,
labor market that will F a r m e r s , a l w a y s Rotary Sundays and
attract other industries, neglected, formerly took on Gean Chouinard for Town Council 2017 Edson Airport.
which would lead to even outside work to supplement
more economic diversity. the farm. That went out of Building for the Future
We need to protect our balance, resulting in farms
beautiful environment by no longer sustainable on
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