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From caregiver to

homeless, now

continued from front
continued from front
living in a tent
continued from front

continued from front
stereotyped as doing drugs, don't here and they have three meals a
want to work, and are just lazy and week. Reflections is a big help to
looking for a free hand-out," said not only myself but others in the
Garreau. "There are plenty of community who are facing the same
issues," said D.J.
Misadventures reasons for people to become but no shelters for men. Men need a On October 4 many frustrated drivers were waiting to cross the tracks
"They have shelters for women,
homeless. I don't think anyone goes
out in life thinking 'I want to be
homeless'." place to be able to go and heal too. on the Willmore Park Road as a train blocked the crossing for over an
hour. Vehicles from both sides of the track were seen leaving in
"I'm not on welfare or getting any I'm 60 years old and who wants to frustration after waiting an inordinate amount of time. CN does provide
money other than from little jobs I hire me? No one. So I just pick up a number to call in case of emergencies 1-800-465-9239.
can manage to pick up. I'm living in odd jobs earning a few bucks to eat.
a tent because I don't have enough I'm used to being very frugal," said
money to rent a place," said D.J. Garreau. EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY
"I was working and living in "Reflections is open 9 a.m. until 5
Edmonton when my mom really p.m. once they close I will walk to
needed me to come home to look the library and read some books. ACCEPTING
after her. She had taken a fall and The library is a nice smoke free
broke some bones. I came back to atmosphere. When it closes at 8 NEW
Edson to be a caregiver for her. My p.m. I sometimes go visit someone
mom was in her 80's and became or just head out to my tent," said PATIENTS
incontinent so I was caring for her D.J.
and doing all the cooking and It would be so nice if Reflections in our new
cleaning. I couldn't work any longer could stay open longer and was
due to her failing health. After my available seven days a week location
mother passed away I had a hard because some of us really count on
time finding work and found myself them being open so we have a place 5020 6th Ave.
homeless shortly after her passing," to go," said Garreau. "I'm so
said Garreau. grateful for the local Food Bank and 780-723-5221
"I'm so thankful for Reflections. I Kate's Kitchen as well. It's places
can come have a shower and clean like these that help certain people For an appointment please call
myself up. They let you do laundry make it through the month." Office hours Mon.-Fri. 7:30 am - 4:30 pm


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