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The big picture...

Emotions are demolition or sale of the
From the
running high with the Publisher’s Desk Recreation Complex.
impending municipal Dana McArthur Large scale reports and
elections, which can published stories such as these
be a good thing, when have a much farther reach and
people are passionate about the issues. impact than within the community itself. And
And few other topics solicit more it's little wonder that a developer or
passionate responses than discussions entrepreneur would jump at the possible
around the sale of the Rec Complex. So, opportunities this information offered.
let's go through a fact check list from our The question is, now that an offer is on the
story coverage and what we know. table what do you do with it? And as the new
The development and operation of a owners of the Rec Complex, that's exactly
multi-use facility was the number one where the Town finds itself.
recommendation to come out of the Do they continue running an aging facility
Edson and Yellowhead County at a loss, with declining usage and impending
Community Services Strategic Plan costly repairs? Sell at a reduced price and turn
report. Joyce Tustain, director with a loss into a yearly property tax gain? Return Letter to the Editor Policy
Riding Update: WMC, presented the final report to both it to the Golf Club? Decide now or make the The Weekly Anchor welcomes letters
new council's first decision a really big one?
town and county councils on September
to the editor
26. A multi-use facility would house Edson is no stranger to large scale projects. All letters are published at the
everything from an indoor pool, curling But what may be the most important piece of discretion of the editor-publisher who
Open Letter: rink and fitness center, to the library, this puzzle is keeping in mind the reserves the right to edit for clarity,
multi-use rooms, and the Boys and Girls
recommendations of the Community Services
club all in a central location. Strategic Plan report —the best way to get a length and libel. Letters published do
Other recommendations include sustainable multi-use facility, and maybe even not necessarily reflect the policies or
building a theatre attached to a high an arts theatre, is to shed the aging individual beliefs of this newspaper. All letters
school in Edson, relocating the visual arts buildings and consolidate them under one
centre (currently in the library) to the Red roof. must bear the name of the writer and
Brick, relocating the pottery centre to a After all, looking at the big picture and include the address and telephone
suitable industrial site, selling the Boys moving forward with that determination, may number, which will not be published.
and Girls Club for development, selling be the only way to make a new facility a
the library and tennis courts, and the reality.


My Summer Vacation: Micah’s back!
Eric Rosendahl

Now that school has started again, I wanted to tell Lake. We went swimming in the lake, spelunking
My you guys about some of the things I did during my and rappelling in cool caves, learned survival skills,
ViewPoint summer vacation. P.S. (When I last wrote I was and competed in an Amazing Race game. When I
getting ready to move, but there was a change of
was on Vancouver Island I also went kayaking,
by Adrienne Tait plans. I will be writing articles until my house sells snorkeling, and tried cliff jumping. I then went
so keep an eye out for them. Shout out to my Misadventures back to Vancouver to end my trip.
friends Ryder and Dayton!) My last stop was over to my other grandma's
To start my vacation, my brothers and I got off at my next destination, my stepdads parent's house (my mom's mom). We went for walks, swam,
dropped off at my dad's house with all our stuff. We house. I should let you know I have a lot of ate good food, and hung out with each other. One
packed my dad's car and we were off on a ten hour grandparents….my mom's parents, dad's parents, highlight was going to something called Slide the
drive. I couldn't wait to get to Vancouver! and stepdad's parents. Sorry if it gets confusing! City. It's a big water slide made in the middle of the
When we got in to the city the first thing we did So, we went to the Caribbean Days Parade one road that goes down five blocks.
Jim Eglinski was get stuck in a traffic jam on the way to my day and I also learned to play the card games My mom and stepdad came to Vancouver to drive
grandparent's house. After arriving there, we
“thirty one” and“crib”. Next I was dropped off with us all back home. We were so tired from our trip we
immediately left to go to my grandparent's vacation my grandma and grandpa (my mom's dad) on
MP Yellowhead house in Birch Bay. There we went swimming, Vancouver Island. They had a special camping trip decided to take two days to drive home to Edson.
Looking back on it now, I made a lot of great
played by the ocean, rode bikes and a lot of other
planned for me and my brothers and my cousins.
things. My grandparents rented a bus to take us to Horne memories but the time went by very fast! Who
knows what will happen next summer…
We headed back to Vancouver and I got dropped
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