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Jerry Ford grand opening planned September 5

By Adrienne Tait as a small business has Jerry Pasychny and is and a couple of service bays including three there were months of
grown into a successful now owned by his bays in the back with gas wash/detail bays. Our planning, drawings, and
When Jerry Ford first Edson dealership that is daughter Cathy. “The pumps in front. Across main focus in building background work to
opened in Edson in celebrating the grand original location was the street was the body the new store was to complete before a shovel
September, 1973 they opening of its third, and where the Shell station is shop. My father built the make the shop as went into the ground.
didn't even have a largest, location. across from the 711. The old Jerry Ford building efficient as possible. Cathy said, “We are
showroom. Now 41 The family owned dealership didn't have a in 1978,” said Cathy. Each bay is equipped celebrating our 41st
years later what started business was started by showroom, just offices, The transition from the with on-demand fluids, Anniversary throughout
previous Jerry Ford s t a t e o f t h e a r t the month of September.
location to the new one equipment, and plenty of Thank you to the Edson
Local author self has provided increased space to work,” said community!”
space for parking and
The Grand Opening at
more service bays. Both From concept to the new Jerry Ford
of which will help staff fruition the planning and location will take place
publishes first book serve the customers building of the new on September 5 from 3
more efficiently.
location took three years.
p.m. to 6 p.m. and the
“Our old location had W h i l e t h e a c t u a l staff hopes to see
eight very small service construction phase of the everyone there.
by Deanna Mitchener classes whether online or bays. We now have 19 project took 13 months,
locally. I always wanted
You may remember to be a writer and I'm
Jacquie Biggar from the glad I was given the
Bluejay Cafe. She opportunity to pursue
owned and operated the my dream. Some days
restaurant from 2001 to are harder than others,
2013. Jacquie has been but don't give up. Even if
busy this last year you do nothing more
writing her first novel. than gibberish on the
Jacquie Biggar was page, it's still words, and
born and raised in Edson, from those words ideas
she met and married her emerge. From those
best friend Bob Biggar. ideas your book will
Jacquie and her husband transform the way you
Bob had a beautiful With news stories about want it to, for others to
daughter they named the war between the enjoy."
Brandy. Brandy has Cartels in Mexico and The book is a romantic
since grown up and has a the power they wield suspense, "Sara Reed is
son named Aiden, he is worldwide. It has taken on the run from an
now seven years old. me a little over a year to abusive ex who happens
Brandy is going to complete my book. Tidal to have ties to a Mexican
university to become a Falls will be available on cartel. Mistakenly
marine biologist, hitting September 15, but you thinking her and her
the Dean's list twice, she c a n p r e - o r d e r o n daughter would be safer
is following her dreams. Amazon if you like." if she has some kind of
Jacquie said, "I moved Biggar said, "I would leverage, she takes a
to Victoria B.C. to help like to encourage others copy of some valuable
t a k e c a r e o f m y to follow their dreams if files –files that make her
grandson, while my they are looking at a target. Nick Kelley is
daughter is going to writing a book. Try to an ex-marine trying to
university. While here I join a local group, the find his place now that
was inspired to write a camaraderie and support his career is over due to
book called Tidal Falls. is invaluable, take some injuries suffered from an
IED. When the two of
them meet in the pretty
little town of Tidal Falls,
the experience is
explosive," said Jacquie.

Edson our second
September 6

Join EARS for

annual Dog
fundraiser and
Annual Food Drive complimentary
BBQ lunch.
The walk will
W start and end at Kinsmen Park with lunch to follow.
Wednesday Sept. 17, 2014ednesday Sept. 17, 2014
Registration fees are $20 for your first canine
walker and $5 for each additional canine. Walk to
commence at 11 am. Lunch served at 12:30 pm.
NEEDED Email for your

to g
Eric Dallaire accesses the internet at the to go door to door o door to door registration form and map of the route or register
at the park at 10:30 am.
Wildwood Public Library. Eric said, “I come to the
and collect dona
library pretty much every day that I’m in town. I and collect donations.tions.

use pretty much everything the library has to offer, Sponsored by:
the computer, we get books, we get videos and If interested please call CRYSTAL CLEAR ELECTRONICS
movies and they have a nice little room that we Satellite TV sales, installs, service
can use for parties for kids. It is a great place and Luella at 780-723-3829. John’s cell 780-723-0147
the staff is very friendly.” Photo Deanna Mitchener Mon to Fri 8 am to 7 pm
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