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Increased construction costs

cause frustration for municipalities

by Adrienne Tait Alberta's GDP. Reminder...
According to Alberta Treasury and Finance
The booming Alberta construction economy, as growth in non-residential construction costs Drive with extra caution and watch for children
well as a need for skilled trades people are resulting increased from 0.9% to 1.9% during the first quarter
s CHOOL in increased construction costs not only in the of 2014. Mid-West Glass
residential sector but for local municipalities as
BTY Groups Market Analysis anticipates an
The lowest bid tender for the culvert replacement increase of between four and six per cent in Alberta's prompt Edson 1976 Ltd
overall construction costs in 2014.
Times kilometers north of Wildwood, came in at $640,256 reconstruction in southern Alberta, expansion in the professional 4911 - 2 Ave., Edson
Everything in Glass
project on RR 93 at Deep Creek, approximately 70
Residential construction including flood
Ph: 723-4042
from Oil Berta Cats Ltd. Once other construction
Oilsands, and major infrastructure projects
costs including engineering costs and a 10%
contingency was factored in the total project throughout the province have all contributed to a
shortage of workers and elevated material and
reached a cost of $757,000. $135,000 more than project costs. It’s Back 2
originally included in the 2014 budget. Mayor Soroka said, “It's one of the biggest
“We are seeing this more and more frequently – problems or challenges we have right now. You
bids coming back at 20% higher than expected. It's hear the Alberta government talk about 100,000 School time!
happening everywhere, ” said Councillor Russell. people moving into Alberta and they don't bring Play Safe and stay
The construction sector is leading employment schools and roads with them. We are certainly cautious when driving
growth in the province with engineering and seeing the effects of that.” through a school zone
construction responsible for approximately 10% of

4209 3rd Avenue: 780-723-7244
201 54 Street: 780-723-7242

School is Back!
School is Back!

Slow down,
Drive with caution,

Watch for Children

Amanda Young, Trevor Bevan, and Donna O'Brien representing the Edson Boys and Girls Club
receive a $2,404 cheque from Calvin and Cheryle Robinson with the Edson Show N' Shine.
Donna O'Brien, program director, for the Edson and District Boys and Girls Club said "We are so
fortunate to have such great support from our community to help keep our programs up and running.
Thank you everyone that went to the Show N' Shine.” Photo Deanna Mitchener

The Niton School Reunion 2014 Committee would sincerely like to thank all of the volunteers that helped us this past
weekend at our 62nd School Reunion. Without your help, it would not have been the success that it was. We would
also like thank the following individuals and businesses for their donations:

Jim Bolin – Tri D Security Wendy Dye Smith CONOCO Phillips
Gerry Paulson – Gerry's Welding Louise Cundict Foley Timber Farms – Hank & Trudy Van Dyk
Ione Challborn Coleman Robinson AJL Farms Ltd.
Jennie Maerz – Jennie's Ice Cream Shoppe Donald Haggart Boss Trucking Services – Darren Shantz Thank you also to Ed
Harry & Sandra White Janet Bulmer PIC Industrial Equip. – Barry Delano & Annette Stad for
Sharen's Ladies Wear Ron's Outdoors D & L Rehn Contracting – Doug & Laurie Rehn
Bey Schriever Liesa Robinson Nojack Oil Solutions running the
Vera Johnson Craig Challborn Karlzen Farms – Donna & Jody Karlzen concession, Gwen
Mary Oleksiw Hourmouzis June Rehill PMGPC Inc. – Peter Gronlund
Chad & Cassie Phillips Marlene Hansen Mills Motors – Michael & Brenda Mills Archibald for putting
Wendy Robinson Sharon Novotney Pat & Judy Robinson on the supper and
Pat Brendal Pardee - Sieka Schriever Rainbow Waste
Bob Challborn Brent & Brandy Benson – Cyclone Welding Kevin Dye Gretchen Knobloch for
Acorn Farms Ltd. – Alvin Acorn Wayne Norman Ron's Outdoor doing the breakfast.
Gibson Energy Brookside Travel – Linda Stad Svedberg Doug Hird
Kim & Karen Brown Reed & Co. – Joe Perrin Green Pasture Holdings – Kevin & Liela Kossman
Linda Auriat Cherid Farms – David & Cheryl DeLeeuw Poison Creek Contracting – Jason & Nicole McLean

A special thank you goes out to “The Old Hippies” for providing the great music on Saturday night.
Thank you to all of the people that attended the Reunion. A great time was had by all!
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