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Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders vs Woodsmen at Men’s Slo Pitch

by Mikaela Kuefler
On August 29, the Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders played the Woodsmen during the
Edson Fall Ball Slo Pitch Men’s League game beside the Boys and Girls Club.
The Woodsmen dominated the game, with superior hitting and defence.
Playing as a team, they were able to score multiple RBI’s, widening the score
gap between them and the Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders. The Woodsmen lead the
way right at the start with six runs in the first inning and proceeded to increase
the lead by getting seven runs in both the fourth and fifth inning.
When on defence, the Woodsmen pulled together and even managed to
capture a couple of double plays.
The Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders struggled at bat and were inconsistent on
defence. With the sun in the eyes while on defence, they had a hard time
keeping up with the Woodsmen, ending the game with a score of 26-17 for the
“We played well. This is the first win in the season and it was a good game.
We had a lot of runs and hits. Maybe it was because we picked up an extra
player. Maybe he was the difference,” says Darcy Berkholtz, from the
“This is the first year we’ve played in the all men's league. That changes
everything since it’s a faster pace. We’re just getting used to everyone now.
We know where everyone needs to be and who has to back up whom,” states
Cody Baceda, centre fielder from the Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders admitted “it
was disappointing. We wanted to win and we could have done better. Some
days you’re good, some days you aren’t. We need some more practice batting
but defence was good in places.”
Currently, the Woodsmen have 1 win and 4 losses and are in seventh place, Greg Hagen, second basemen for the Sittin' Bull Sidewinders, fumbles
according to the Fall Ball Slo Pitch Men's League statistics from week four. the ball while Clint Turner, runner from the Woodsmen, slides on
The Sittin’ Bull Sidewinders have 1 win and 3 losses and sit in fifth place. second base, during their Fall Ball Slo Pitch Men's League game at the
Fall Ball Men’s League games are played on Monday nights beside the Girls Boys and Girls Club baseball diamond on August 29. photo Mikaela
and Boys Club until September 26. Kuefler
Seniors compete in Bocce ball during Games Day

by Deanna Mitchener

The Pioneer Cabin held their Annual
Afternoon Games Day and Barbeque on
August 18. Seniors were encouraged to
come to the Pioneer Cabin to socialize,
take part in games, and planned activities
during the day, and later to enjoy a free
barbeque inside the cabin.
Many seniors got together and
participated in the different activities, and
those that didn't choose to play, visited
and watched the competitions unfold.
The weather was nice for them to be
outside playing games like Backyard
Bocce. Great team spirit was
demonstrated as they cheered each other
To ensure teams got their points a
measuring tape was brought out if two
balls were close, to measure the exact
distance. The closest ball to the marker
received the point. Seniors enjoyed many
different activities including, cards,
dancing, and floor curling.
Stopping by to visit the seniors, during
events like this, is a great way to learn
about Edson's history from the ones who Anna Lovell, Carol Berube, Eleanor Scott, Maureen Gaschnitz, and Alberta Williamson (left to
were there, and the seniors are never short right), watch as Ron Harland (front) tosses the Bocce ball across the lawn during the Afternoon
on stories to tell. Games Day at the Pioneer Cabin on August 18. photo Deanna Mitchener

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