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Vandalism strikes Edson’s Community Gardens

The Edson and District Community Garden is a crop throughout the season. The general public is treasured community space and we are asking
beautiful asset to the town of Edson. It is a place welcome to come into the garden and view the the public to help us keep it that way. If you see
for people to enjoy the outdoors and the gardens, however they are asked not to touch anything suspicious happening day or night at
pleasures of gardening, particularly if they do not plots that do not belong to them. If an individual the gardens please contact the police.
have space for a garden at home, or if they are a would like to rent a plot for the next season they
community group. Individuals pay a rental fee can contact Patty Redman at
for their plot and are able to plant flowers, or call the Recycle Depot at 780-723-4002.
vegetables or fruits of their choosing. The Aside from unwarranted picking, in the past few
gardeners spend a lot of money and countless weeks a few people have been destroying the
hours preparing and planting their gardens. They hard work put in by the gardeners. Vandalism has
also work very hard caring for their plants become a big issue as people are putting in their
throughout the season, all in hopes of being own money and hard work into these gardens,
rewarded with a plentiful harvest. only to have them ruined. Plants have been
Some residents think these garden plots are for trampled and torn out of gardens, vegetables
the general public and are harvesting vegetables picked and solar powered fountains destroyed
from plots that are rented by others. Please do and stolen. Measures are being taken to ensure
not pick from gardens that you have not rented. the vandalism is stopped so gardeners can enjoy
This way, the people who put in their time, the remainder of the gardening season.
money and hard work can be rewarded with their The Community Garden has become a highly

Rural Women’s Conference reaching

out to former committee members

The Edson & District Rural Women’s committee members about what the conference
Conference is celebrating the 30th Annual was like when they worked on it. She is doing a
Conference this fall, on November 2nd from 8:30 presentation at the conference. so please contact
am to 3:30 pm, at the Carrot Creek Hall. her.
Brenda Nelson, who can be reached at 780- They are planning a full day with speakers, a
795-2525, would like to talk to all former fashion show, a great lunch and snacks, display
booths, a silent auction and door prizes.
“We hope to see everyone at the conference,
and we will have
THANK YOU brochures out in Plants have been trampled and torn out of
October.” For more
information call Sylvia
Perrin at 780-795-2419. gardens, vegetables picked and solar
I would like to thank everyone for the care powered fountains destroyed and stolen at
Edson’s Community Gardens.
during my recent illness.
The prayers, flowers, cards, magazines, books, Patterson’s Part Supply
Patterson’s Part Supply
food, squares, cookies, chocolates and candy
Open 7 Days a Week
were all very much appreciated. Open 7 Days a Week
Special thanks to Anne Goldie who made sure Automotive, Heavy Duty,
Automotive, Heavy Duty,
if there was a need she took care of it.
Ag Parts & Feed
I would appreciate it if you would continue Ag Parts & Feed
with the prayers.
Many thanks and with love from

Syb Crawford

We stock chicken feeders, waterers,
and chicken feed.

We have Starter, Grower, and laying mash
as well as Grit and Oyster Shell

Mon-Fri 7-6; Sat 8-5; Sun 10-2
Mon-Fri 7-6; Sat 8-5; Sun 10-2

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