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Q & A with local federal election candidates

The Weekly Anchor ran a three part series of questions for Conservative candidate Jim Eglinski, Libertarian candidate Cory Lystang, and Liberal candidate Ryan
Maguhn. We will now be focussing questions on Green Party candidate Sandra Wolf Lange and Federal NDP candidate Ken Kuzminski.
Part one of two part series: Yellowhead has become the number one priority for together to strengthen these, as well as the small
me. business sector. The NDP government will work with
by Adrienne Tait Kuzminski: The economy. The Yellowhead region's all business to ensure they have the tools they need to
economy is heavily resource based‎ which can be at the be successful, such as labour.
1) What impact, if any, do you believe the recent mercy of international markets. We must work
results of the Alberta provincial election will play in
the federal election? Green Party announces candidate for Yellowhead
Wolf Lange: The results of the provincial election GELMICI AD
have been historical for our province and the impacts
will continue to be felt during the federal election. by Adrienne Tait conservatory, and a nature-scaped garden to enhance
Albertans have demonstrated that they are well Sandra Wolf Lange has been announced as the environmental education.
informed and confident at the voting booth. They have federal Green Party candidate for Yellowhead. Wolf Lange won the Canadian Urban Transit
chosen the party and candidates that they believed to Wolf Lange has run her design company, Sustainable Association Centennial scholarship award in 2007 for MUST BE
be the best for their riding, disdaining the expensive Living Design, since 2003 in her hometown of her work with the City of Edmonton to purchase a fleet
campaigns persuasion, in favour of better platforms Edmonton. of hybrid electric buses.
According to her official biography Wolf Lange,
and values. With an interest in renewable energy, Wolf Lange
Kuzminski: Even though the provincial election earned her masters degree in science and completed “promotes environmental activism with optimism and
results were encouraging, there was a split of the vote her thesis on autonomous solar photovoltaic systems. humour by sharing her love for nature and animals.” RIGHT HAND
As a candidate for the Green Party Wolf Lange plans
on the right, so it is difficult to read too much into it Wolf Lange also earned a master of design with a to strive for legislation that will promote sustainability,
for the federal election‎. That being said, it also shows a thesis based on providing an alternative learning habitat conservation, and wildlife protection believing
mood for change and a willingness to look to the NDP environment in an elementary school which that every living things has the right to clean air, clean
for that change. incorporated a passive solar annex building, a water, and the right to a healthy environment. PAGE AS
2) Will the provincial election results alter your
campaign approach? If so, how?
Wolf Lange: No. My campaign approach remains
the same. Getting to know my constituents, and REQUESTED
placing their interests as my goals to achieve, defend,
and protect.
Kuzminski: No, there is a lot of hard work to be
done and nothing can be taken for granted.

3) If elected, what is one issue facing the
Yellowhead riding you would bring to Ottawa?
Wolf Lange: Yellowhead has many issues that are of
uttermost importance. The environment comes
immediately to mind. However, while meeting and
greeting citizens, be it at an event or at the doors, one
issue keeps coming up as the most important across
the field and that is financial insecurity, or even
financial distress. Financial help for our citizens in

Long-time Jasper resident

NDP candidate for Yellowhead

by Adrienne Tait
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Ken Kuzminski is the NDP candidate for the
Yellowhead riding in the upcoming federal election.
A business owner and active community member the
long-time Jasper resident is no stranger to politics
having previously run in both federal and provincial
Kuzminski began work in the local construction
industry in 1999 before acquiring Kuzmniski
Contracting in 2012.
As a community leader, Kuzminski developed a SALE $1267.67
reputation as a champion for small businesses and
Kuzminski served as president of the Jasper Park
Chamber of Commerce for three years and received the
Chamber's “Individual Award of Distinction” in 2014
for his contributions to the local economy.
As president of the Jasper Royal Canadian Legion,
Kuzminski has worked to make the Legion one of the
region's best live music venues- a transition Kuzminski SALE $1567.67
said, “Enriches our community while building stable
revenue for the Legion's regular activities.”
Kuzminski has also launched Jasper Veterans
Adventures which coordinates activities for veterans in Engagement Rings
the outdoors.
If elected as the next Member of Parliament
Kuzminski hopes to be, “A strong voice for ***Sale prices are applied to REGULAR PRICED In Stock Merchandise ONLY.
hardworking families throughout our region.” Sales does NOT include Layaways, Special Orders, Repairs, Watch Pins, Watch
Straps, Watch Batteries, Findings, Trophies and Engraving.

123-50 Street
Main Street
Edson, AB
780-723-3618 Fax:
Monday to Friday
9:30 am - 5:30 pm
Saturday SALE $1267.67
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