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Edson Fish & Gamedson Fish & Game
Grande Cache without power for 16 hours E
by Sonia Delorme recollection in the last 40 rejuvenation program that the power lines in the
years. designed to refurbish the area are up to 40 years old.
New fire arm range
power lines in the Grande Grande Cache has New fire arm range
Albertans are not shy to ATCO crews worked
the fact that Mother Nature throughout the night on the Cache area. experienced a substantial
construction sponsor
has been working overtime power line repairs, clearing Since then ATCO has amount of power outages construction sponsor
this past week. This was trees, and removing broken added another $1.5 million this year. The upgrade
especially true for the branches to regain power. to the project to ensure all project will bring the
residents of Grande Cache. In 2012 ATCO invested the lines get updated. The services up to date in hope Appreciation Dayppreciation Day
Grande Cache was $ 1 . 1 m i l l i o n o n a company has recognized of reducing the amount of
subjected to some extreme blackouts in the area.
weather September 7 when
seven inches of snow fell Edson Fish & Game Association
Edson Fish & Game Association
starting at 9:00 pm and
would like to invite everyone who
continued to fall through would like to invite everyone who
Saturday morning.
donated and helped with the
Many trees in the area donated and helped with the
suffered heavy snow construction of our new gun range to
construction of our new gun range to
weighing them down over
attend our Appreciation Day BBQ.
power lines and causing a attend our Appreciation Day BBQ.
massive power failure that
left Grande Cache in the
Saturday, Sept. 27aturday, Sept. 27
dark for up to 16 hours.
T h e t o w n a n d S
cooperatives surrounding
the area were affected for
varying amounts of time.
Grande Cache was without At the new gun range site located down
power for an estimated the Robb Highway. General
eleven hours while local co-
ops surrounding town membership is also welcome to attend.
suffered sixteen hour BBQ at 2:00 pm.
Many families kept their Facility will be open
children at home from prior to event time
school, making it the first Seen here is Victor Lake Coop road September 8. To the left is where
s n o w d a y i n l o c a l
the power lines stand not visible.

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