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A windshield replacement is only a stone's throw away

Stone chips and glass repair are part of life as a
vehicle owner. Windshields get chipped and cracked
all the time. While stone chips often occur at the
most inopportune times, they cannot be neglected
and should be attended to in short order.
Even though it may seem like a minor chip, small
stone chips can quickly develop into a costly repair
job. Chips grow when pressure is placed on your
windshield. Pressure can come from a variety of
sources, even minor sources of pressure, such as
taking your car though the car wash or when
changes in temperature occur.
And, once they grow into a crack, they can no
longer be fixed and your windshield will need to be
“Most insurance policies will cover the cost of
stone chip repairs without impact to your policy
rate,” says Achiel Goossens, an insurance expert
with Aviva Canada. “So people don't need to be
afraid to contact their insurance company about it.”
Being proactive and repairing a chip in your
windshield can save drivers a significant amount of
money. A windshield replacement can cost anywhere
from a couple hundred dollars, to $1,500 and
therefore, fast action is going to help.
A cracked windshield is also a safety hazard. If the
glass is cracked it could break and impact your
ability to drive safely. What most people don't
realize is that your windshield is part of the
structural framework of the vehicle. A cracked
windshield has a greater chance of shattering or
causing an accident.
By being proactive you'll save money, be a safer
driver, and keep the inconvenience to a minimum.
- NC

Make sure that Rover isn't a driving distraction

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Avoid letting your
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when driving.
publication. Never leave your
animal in the car

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