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What is bullying? Article to go with ads
Bullying is acting in ways that scare or harm another person. Kids who bully usually pick on someone
who is weaker or more alone, and they repeat the actions over and over. Bullying starts in elementary STOP BULLYING AWARENESS
school and becomes most common in middle school. By high school, it is less common but still occurs.
Bullying can take many forms, including:
-Physical harm, such as hitting, shoving, or tripping. Stopping bullying, cyberbullying, and harassment
-Emotional harm, such as making fun of the way a child acts, looks, or talks. Writing mean things
about someone in emails or online journals (blogs) is also bullying.
-Girls who bully are more likely to do so in emotional ways. Boys who bully often do so in both
physical and emotional ways. For example: Young student tells her story of being bullied
-A girl may form a group and exclude another girl or gossip about her.
-A boy may shove another boy and call him names. by Deanna Mitchener
Both boys and girls take part in "cyberbullying." This means using high-tech devices to spread
rumours or to send hurtful messages or pictures. Emotional bullying doesn't leave bruises, but the No one likes to be bullied so why do we have so much of it still
damage is just as real. happening?
If you think your child is being bullied—or is bullying someone else—take action to stop the abuse. Emyrsen Kirknessfield is a very brave 10 year old who has stood up to
Why is it important to stop bullying? being bullied and it has made a big difference in her life.
Bullying is a serious problem for all children involved. Kids who are bullied are more likely to feel bad The definition for bullying is aggressive behavior among school aged
about themselves and be depressed. They may fear or lose interest in going to school. Sometimes they children that involves a real or perceived power balance. This can be true
take extreme measures, which can lead to tragic results. They may carry weapons, use violence to get with adults as well.
revenge, or try to harm themselves. Bullying is unwanted and not cool. The behavior is repeated, or has the
Kids who bully others are more likely to drop out of school, have drug and alcohol problems, and potential to be repeated over time. It can be a serious problem as kids who
break the law. are bullied, and those who bully others, may have serious lasting problems.
Bullying is linked to many negative outcomes including impacts on
What are the traits of children who bully? mental health, substance abuse, and suicide. It is important to talk with
Children who bully are often physically strong. They may bully because they like the feeling of power. children who show signs of being bullied and to those who are doing the
They may be kids who do things without thinking first and may not follow rules. These boys and girls have bullying. Talking to them will help identify the root of the problem.
not learned to think about the feelings of other people.
Kids who physically bully others sometimes come from homes where adults fight or hurt each other. "I had an issue with bullying for a couple of years. It made me very sad.
They may pick on other kids because they have been bullied themselves. I felt bad about who I was and felt like I didn't belong in this world. I cried
Children who bully need counselling. It can help them understand why they act as they do. And it can a lot and thought that every bad thing that person did or said about me was
teach them how to interact with others in more positive ways. Family counselling is especially helpful for true. I was told that it wasn't true but it was hard for me to believe," says
these children. Emyrsen.
How do children who are bullied act? "Every day I didn't want to go to school. I was always scared to go back.
Children who are bullied are often quiet and shy. They may have few friends and find it hard to stand I felt invisible, alone and that person tried to turn everyone against me and
up for themselves. They may begin to think that they deserve the abuse. not like me."
What can children do if they are bullied? "Bullying is wrong and no one should have to go through it. Sometimes
Children are often scared and angry when they are bullied. They may not know what to do. Teach bullying makes people feel so bad that they commit suicide. It needs to
them to: stop. We should all be more positive and kind to each other," says Emyrsen. At just 10 years old Emyrsen Kirknessfield has been the victim of
Talk back. Say, "Leave me alone," or "You don't scare me." Have your child practice saying this in a "I personally wasn't thinking about suicide but I can see how it can get bullying. Thankfully she was able to take a stand and find someone to
calm, strong voice. that bad that some people tell who was able to help. photo Deanna Mitchener
Walk away. Don't run, even if you are afraid.
Tell an adult. A parent or teacher can then take steps to stop the bullying. would think of that. You
start believing all the
What can you do to stop bullying? negative things and feel TAKE A STAND Let the bullied kid
Bullying can be stopped if people pay attention and take action. everyone is better off
Bullying most often occurs in school, and it is most common in schools where students are not well without you." know that no one
supervised. If bullying is happening at your child's school, talk to the principal or vice principal. Urge the "Things are much AGAINST BULLYING
school to adopt a no-bullying policy. All children should know that those who bully will be disciplined. deserves
Children who are bullied should be supported and protected. better now. We talked to Jim Eglinski M.P.
As a parent, you can help your child get involved in new hobbies or groups, such as school clubs or the principal. We had a to be bullied.
church youth groups. Being part of a group can help reduce bullying. Having friends can help a child have chat with each other and Yellowhead
a better self-image. were able to solve the
Kids can help keep other kids from being bullied. If you are a kid, don't let yourself be part of the issue. I would like to say
problem. to others that if you are
Speak up when you see someone else being picked on. It can help to say something like, "Cut it out. being bullied talk with
your parents or a teacher
That's not funny." If this is too hard or scary to do, walk away and tell an adult.
If someone sends you a mean email about another person, don't forward it to others. Print it out and right away. Something
show it to an adult. can and should be done 119 50 Street, Edson, AB
about the situation," A&W R
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Be brave enough to Don’t join in. It’s not your fault.
not worry about Know that you do not deserve
what people Be a kid against bullying. what is happening.

say or think
about you. Help bullied kids get away Tell someone: Your parents,

from the situation. a teacher
or a trusted adult

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