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Braedan's Voice Suicide Awareness and Prevention Walk

by Deanna Mitchener

Supporters, family and friends gathered in
memory and to help promote awareness during
the 4th Annual Braedan's Voice Suicide
Awareness and Prevention Walk in Centennial
Park on September 9.
Karen Whitnack-Ahlskog, Braedan's
grandmother, said, "We just wanted to gather
BILL MITCHELL here in the park like we have done in past years.
Sales Representative We have a couple of kids that are going to sing,
we will have hot dogs and snacks and a little
walk later on around Centennial Park with some
glow sticks."
Western Star Trucks (North) Ltd.
15205 - 112 Avenue "Braedan was only 16 years old when he
Edmonton, AB T5M 2V7 committed suicide. Braedan enjoyed gaming, skiing, liked be at the river, and always
enjoyed playing his guitar. It is still hard on the family, the pain is still there. We can

remember him with more smiles than tears
now, but it is still hard," said Karen.
Toll Free 1-800-252-7500 Fax: 780-447-5317
"We were lucky to have a councilor in
Phone: 780-453-452 Cell: 780-984-2224
Edmonton that directed us to a specialist that
Summers Drilling
Summers Drilling deals specifically with suicide. We did our

Water Well Drilling “It wasn't until after we
Water Well Drilling
lost Braedan that others
A proud Alberta business, since 1917,
A proud Alberta business, since 1917, started to open up...”
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
Summers Drilling specializes in water well
drilling and water well repairs.
drilling and water well repairs.
very first Suicide Awareness Walk in
Edmonton when we heard about it. Then we
decided we wanted to do one here in Edson,"
Karen said.
"I have known people that have committed Three inspiring young girls got up on stage September
suicide. I knew some people that had passed 9 to sing a song in remembrance for Suicide
away but didn't know it was from suicide Awareness. Friends Montana Van-Beek and Erin
4405 50 street 780-963-1282 because there is such a stigma around it. It Poulin-Parisien encouraged Hailey Brisebois who
4405 50 street
recently lost her grandpa to join them in singing during
Stony Plain, AB
Stony Plain, AB www actually has shocked me to know how many the 4th annual Braedan's Voice Suicide Awareness
people have committed suicide that I thought and Prevention Walk that was held in Centennial Park. Edson
photo Deanna Mitchener
had passed away due to either an illness or
accident. It wasn't until after we lost Braedan and maybe it is, but it is something that should
that others started to open up to me about always be taken seriously. You should never be
how their loved one really passed away," afraid whether its a friend or relative to speak up
Karen explained. to somebody else," said Sheena. Annual Food Drive
" Looking back now I can see Braedan "We never really found the support we
stopped doing some of the activities he liked needed other than searching and finding a Wednesday Sept. 28, 2016Wednesday Sept. 28, 2016
to do. If only we knew more of what to look councilor ourselves. We were not contacted
for or how to help back then," said Karen. by Victim Services until after we had already
Sheena Brisebois who lost her dad in July, searched on our own. It didn't happen in
said, "I have noticed, like with teenagers, if Edson, so that could be the reason why we NEEDED
someone says they are thinking about were not contacted. But how do people know
committing suicide no one really takes it where to go to get the help they need when
seriously. They say it's just a grab for attention, they need it?" said Sheena. to go door to door to go door to door
IF a Postal Lock-out or Strike occurs You can pick up and collect donations.and collect donations.

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