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World Suicide Prevention Day held in Edson

by Deanna Mitchener

September 10 is considered World Suicide
Prevention Day and Edson held it's very first
annual Connect, Communicate and Care World
Blind View Suicide Prevention event in Centennial Park.
Shawn Holding welcomed attendees that came
Window Fashions out in support of the day. "Your presence here
shows that you care that suicide and its
repercussions are important. Whether you have
lost someone to suicide or you yourself have had
thoughts of suicide or someone you know has had
Custom Window Treatments thoughts. Connecting with others, knowing what
since 1988
they have done to prevent or cope with suicide
will help build a network for those in need."
It is estimated for Canada there is 11 people
780.723.5734 Julie Van Ember each day that will end their life and 210 will
780.542.0898 attempt to take their life.
Tisha Holden along with her mother Debbie
Plummer organized the World Suicide Prevention
blind view Day here in Edson to reach out to everyone who Jessica Holden, Emyrsen Kirknessfield, and Rhiannan Wilsonon perform a dance during the first annual
has been touched in some way by suicide.
World Suicide Prevention Day held in Centennial Park on September 10. photo Deanna Mitchener
"This is our first annual with more to follow
window every September 10. Today we are having a Be One of 100,000 Canadians to wear the new least one way of connecting to World Suicide
international suicide awareness ribbon.
Prevention Day. It is through these efforts that a
barbeque thanks to many sponsorships, then some
light will shine on this important issue, sending a
"The beautiful orange and yellow ribbon gives
testimonies, some suicide prevention videos, and
message to those who are despairing, those who
fashions then entertainment. We have some dancing and a voice to promoting dialogue around supporting are grieving and those who are supporting
those at risk. Be One who lights a candle and
singing and later we will be having cake and
someone who is struggling, to remind
places it near a window at 8 p.m. on September
coffee. We also have some candles for anyone that
wishes to light one later on and a wishing well 10. The candle represents a beacon of caring and communities that there is help, hope and people
who care."
where people are encouraged to write wishes to compassion, which illuminates the need for The group has been overwhelmed with the
those that have lost their life to suicide," said suicide awareness and prevention," said Plummer. response they have been getting for the first ever
Plummer. Tana Nash, executive director with the distribution of 100,000 internationally recognized
January 4, January 25 One who speaks up, Be One who wears a ribbon, Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention, said, World Suicide Prevention Day Ribbons.
This year's theme is Be One with the world Be
Communication is absolutely critical to combat
"Each community in Canada is invited to find at
suicide explained Holding. By speaking openly
February 15 Borrowing bylaw for Waste Water about it and listening to somebody who is suicidal
in a non-judgmental way with compassion and
care can help to start them on the road to recovery.
March 7, 28 Treatment Plant underway

by Adrienne Tait council has discussed implementing an
April 18 September 13, town council instructed additional charge for utility accounts with a
sewer charge. The result would be an additional
At their Committee of the Whole meeting on
$13.40 charge per month for property owners
May 9, 30 administration to prepare a borrowing bylaw for utilizing the municipal sewer system. P INSTALLATIONS P
According to the offsite levy bylaw 29.38% of
* Furnaces Replacement
the Edson Waste Water Treatment Plant project.
the project is to be funded through collected
Edson has been approved for a government
grant for $6,426,350. Municipal funding of OSLs. If not enough OSLs are collected the rest * Furnaces/Air Conditioners
* Residential Heating Packages
June 20 $717,608 and $103,792 from collected offsite of the payment will have to be funded through * Electronic Air Cleaners
other sources.
levies (OSLs) are also in place to help fund the
Councillor Brian Boyce said he would not like
* Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
$17,572,740 project.
The remaining $10,324,990 will be have to be
July 11 funded through borrowing. Council has to see the town borrow for more than 20 years as * Sheet Metal Work
by that time the system may require upgrading.
Mayor Greg Pasychny said, “Our current
recommended administration proceed with the
system was supposed to be good up to 28,000
August 1, 29 20 year term which results in debenture but the rules have changed.” Email:
payments of $658,000 annually.
The debenture will affect the town's borrowing
The 20 year rate is at 2.475% interest with a
capacity. The borrowing bylaw will be brought
total interest cost of approximately $2.8 million.
* Furnaces Replacement
Sept. 12 In order to meet the debenture payments to town council for approval at a later date. 4640 3 Avenue Authorized Dealer Phone: (780) 723-3553
* Furnaces/Air Conditioners
Edson, AB T7E 1C2
Fax: (780) 723-3552
* Residential Heating Packages
* Electronic Air Cleaners
Pecan is an affectionate young guy, approximately
October 3, 24 EDSON FAMILY DENTISTRY * Humidifiers/Air Exchangers
* Sheet Metal Work
1 year old. House training in progress (doing well).
Leash training in progress but he is so attached to
his foster that he can be off leash on the acreage
November 14 NEW while she’s outside. He’s ok with cats, he gets a
little excited but doesn’t appear to be aggressive.
We feel older kids would be best as he is a little
December 5, 26? in our new anxious. A little shy at first, Pecan is good with
other dogs after being introduced properly.
location Join us for our 4th annual Dog Walk and Mini Festival
Sept. 25 at Kinsmen Park. Registration at 11 am.
Visit us on Facebook for more information.
5020 6th Ave. Visit for more information or 780-712-6788.
Visit for more information or 780-712-6788.
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